The huge bargello is finished.

I finished the top of this quilt back in November but it was so big I just kept putting off basting and quilting it.   and I can finally say, IT’S FINISHED.   Took about 4 or 5 hours to quilt and another 4 or 5 to hand baste it but I think it came out beautiful.  Merlin of course had to photobomb it but it’s going to his grand mama so she won’t mind.   I enjoyed making this quilt but it just wasn’t what I wanted when done.  I’m not going to miss it.  Eventually I’ll make one that I like enough to put on my bed.


Tonias Finished


The Boys

Well my pups are 7 months old now and I still love em to death.  While we’re still working on behaviors, they are making progress.   It’s funny, I hardly notice how much bigger they’ve gotten till someone sees them after a month or so and reminds me.  Ms Jamie came and bathed them Sunday and they look amazing.   She noticed their adult coats are coming in.  Argus will look just like a mini Azeroth but Merlin’s cost is much finer.

New Quilt Classes Starting

This past week we started a new group of quilt classes.   Linda, Kathy, Debbie and I will be making a french braid.  I love having people make the same quilt so you can see how differently they look just by changing the colors.   Linda chose some fun, bright oranges and greens and Debbie went with fall maroons and golds.   Mine will be these reds and blacks.   Waiting to see what Kathy decided on.


Gone and never forgotten

Happen to find this in my desk today and made me remember a wonderful man.

Here is an excerpt from the newspaper.

Thirteen runners have competed in every race and will be in Saturday’s 25th edition.
Peter Crellin, 60, of Tampa can lay claim to being the fastest of the 13, having completed the 15K in 54 minutes, 1 second in 1985. But his streak is not without speed bumps. In 1988, he was far from healthy after breaking his collarbone and shoulder blade in a bike accident one month before the race. In 1993, he put off an angioplasty to complete Gasparilla No.16.
medal.jpg© St. Petersburg Times, published February 7, 2002


Hate to say it but the jeep upgrades will be slow coming after all the repairs.  I bought this thing to take some of the miles off my Honda that I drive daily but it turned out to be the worse decision of my life.    What was sold as in excellent condition turned out to be a jeep with a lot of problems hidden by the previous owner.  But your choice is repair them or have a $7000 paperweight.  So after thousands of dollars in repairs she runs great.   Here are her decals Robert put on for me this weekend.  I don’t need a reminder of her age but I liked the look of them so I added.


Tumbling Blocks – Part 9

Here is the top finally pieced together and the border added.   Came out ok for my first experience sewing hexagons and I feel like I accomplished something.   I learned a new quilting skill and made a top I’ve wanted to try for a long time.   If anyone wants the measurements or picture on cutting the side triangles just post a comment and I’ll add them.