I’m all alone

Well finally the freeloaders moved out last year and the never ending house guest has finally moved the end of January.  Not sure how I’ll decorate this room but it’s all mine now.    No more giving my master bedroom to someone else.    Who knows it may end up plain forever, but it’s all mine.    I did a little bit of decorating so it was usable.  Added my computer area and am using my treadle machine for a nightstand.   I think it will turn out awesome.  Maybe Jill will come decorate for me.


My sister

Ok did I mention my sister is awesome?    Her husband is pretty cool himself. Who else has a guitar playing brother in law that will play for his dogs?  I wanted to make them a special quilt for Christmas and then things went crazy.  I felt so bad they sent us such special handmade gifts for Christmas and I was a few weeks late getting theirs to them.  I rushed it to Fed ex so quickly that I forgot to take a final picture.  Here is baby dog loving on it while I was sewing the binding.    He wanted to make sure he got some baby dog love on it before it went to his aunty Jill and uncle Mark.    I know it will be treasured as it seems to blend perfectly with their bedroom and she’s already bought pillows to match.   I can’t wait for tax season to be over and go visit again.


jills quilt.jpg

He might as well use his free time

Haha – Robert has nothing to do while recovering from his heart surgery that he went back to learning to quilt.  He made one several years ago and we decided it was just a good as project as anything else and less stressful than most.

He’s made about 4 now but I’ll wait and post them once they are finished.    I  changed up my sewing room so he could have his own space to sew.   He even set up a new design wall so we can see what the quilts look like as we plan out the rows.

Aren’t these awesome.

I need to take some more pictures of the coffee cups she made me but aren’t these glasses my amazing sister Jill made me simply beautiful.  I absolutely love them.   She is such an amazing person that her talents just make her even more amazing.


It’s Been A Long Time

Wow I opened my blog and was shocked how long it has been since I have updated things.   With everything that has happened I feel like it is was a life time ago.  Life has certainly taken some strange twists lately but God has straightened out the kinks along the way and we will be better for it.

December 17 Shannon had emergency for a cyst but she wouldn’t let me take pictures.  We can thankfully say that not only did she come thru with flying colors but the doctor was kind enough to her that she even scheduled follow ups for annual visits and tests.  That itself was a miracle and God knows how thankful I am.

2 days later Robert (Shannon’s husband) had a massive heart attack and barely survived.  The doctors lost him twice for 10 minutes, they put 3 stents in and told us there was the possibility of brain damage, physical limitations, etc. A week later we left the hospital  with almost no lasting effects.   While there is a long road to recovery, God gave him a second chance at life.   Just found out today he can look for work.  Assholes he worked for fired him while he was out recovering from surgery.