For Military Appreciation Week

One of the vet tech co-workers of my daughter’s is a young veteran so I wanted to thank him for his service.   Not only did he love it but insisted on being in the picture with the quilt.   I enjoyed the pattern and am beginning to really enjoy paper piecing.   Hope it brings him some joy as well.    Pictures are before it was quilted and after it was delivered.


Happy Mother’s Day

Robert built my pergola for Mother’s Day.  I’ve been debating buying one for years and decided life is short.  It allows me to enjoy by backyard more.   Can’t wait to add a sink to the grill area then we’re all set.

Late is Better Than Never

If you can’t tell by the fall flowers, this was intended for Thanksgiving.  I wanted to hang it over the glass panel in my front door.  Well as usual it was made in time but had to wait it’s turn to get quilted and bound.

It’s finally done last week and it can hang up next fall.  I might even use it for a tablecloth for Thanksgiving cause my amazing sister is coming.  I think I have 5 more to baste and quilt.


My Queen of Ween

I have no idea why I fell in love with this panel when I saw it, but I did.  I ordered it from a couple of places only to hear sold out, back ordered, etc.  Finally found a seller on Amazon in China that had 2 left.  So I bought them and shared one with my friend Dee.  It’s been laying on my chair waiting for binding for about 2 months and it’s finally done.

No pattern.  I just added my own ideas to a panel in the center.   The border is hard to see but it’s all bones.


Where Does The Time GO?

Can’t believe I’m been absent again since February.  Seems like I never have much to post about.  Life consists of working, taking care of the house and the dogs.

I am excited to be going to Ohio in May and visiting my sexy sister Jill and her muffin husband Mark.   Then it’s off to Michigan to meet a long time online friend in person.  Can’t wait.   See you with pictures some time soon.