That Baby Quilt is Finally Done

Never had I struggled so much to come up with a baby quilt for the bosses 1st grand baby.    I cut 3 and hated them all.   Finally i decided on something not so baby like.  Their nursery colors are pink, white and gray so I made a quilt they can carry around when they take the baby out.   I really like the final outcome.





Finished and Delivered

I made myself a quilt for the sofa with winter approaching. Well what we call winter in Florida.  Usually last a couple of days if we’re lucky.   My friend Kennetha loved it so much I was able to locate a couple more jelly rolls and make one for her, her hubby and her sister in law Linda, she’s a doll.  I had to change them a little bit so they weren’t all the same.   I love how they turned out and finally got them delivered.  Now I just need to quilt mine.



My Boys

My wonderful groomer Sallie took these pics of the boys after she groomed them last month.  They look so handsome.   Hard to believe they are over 2 years old. Well baby dog will be 2 in February.

The Eagle Has Landed

Probably one of the quilts I’m most proud of.  Not sure why as it wasn’t the hardest or the prettiest.  I delivered this a couple of weeks ago and it will be auctioned veterans weekend at Krawlin for the Fallen.   It’s an annual even that raises funds for children  of fallen police officers to attend a summer camp.  I think it came out beautiful.

auction eagle

So Happy to Finally Deliver

I was so happy to finally deliver this.  A friend is going thru cancer treatments and the prognoses doesn’t look good.  Just wanted them to remember someone was praying for him and the family.   Delivered it yesterday and broke my heart that he called to say he didn’t deserve anything like that.  Jesus died on a cross so we are deserving.



My Pups

I’m so upset.  I took my pups in for grooming last weekend and all my boys now have kennel cough.  It’s so hard watching the struggle with coughing for hours on end.  Been 5 days now and just never lets up.  Hoping the meds we started Monday help.

But baby dog looked so cute at the groomers and poor Argus couldn’t stop coughing long enough for me to get a picture of him trying to rest.

Pastor Appreciation

One more that made it out the door last week.  It was Pastor appreciation month so I finished this up for Pastor Joe and his wife.   They are dealing with some family issues so I haven’t gotten to see him since I dropped it off but I hope they liked it.



After a lot of thought with the Houston floods and Florida hurricanes, I’ve decided to send my red, white and blue quilts to first responder’s instead of our local fire house.  The ladies that wanted to do the fire house have never shown up to help and a project of 31 quilts by myself was overwhelming so I like this idea better.  I can mail them as I finish.  My quilting friend Sue and I have friends and family in the area so  they will hand them out where they see the need.   I’ve sent 2 to a friend to hand out and 2 have already been headed out to fire chief in area.  Here are the 4 that have gone out already.

Hurricane Irma

What a huge pain in the butt.  While I’m relieved it was only minor, it is a giant pain to move everything outside, batten down the hatches and pray for the best.   We spent the first week after trying to clear the yard debris and get it piled up for the city.  They were terribly backed up but finally just this week were able to get to our street and remove all the giant piles.

I did make me a hurricane safe area where the boys and I could hide if it got bad.  My mom’s custom made dining table weighs a fricking ton so figured it would hold up if stuff fell on it.  Then I managed to almost tear my toe off my foot.  Tore all the soft tissue and tendons.   I forgot how much I hate cortisone shots.

Since then I have once again played find a yard man.  One got paid to finally cut down those dang yucca trees and do the monthly lawn service.  Cut my trees to 4 foot stumps and never came back.  Finally after saying I’d sue him, he finished the trees and never came back for the lawn.  Round 2 – hired guy for monthly yard service and to wash and stain my wood decks and fencing.  Pressure washed one deck and never showed up again.   Round 3 – explained issue with prior guys and, nope, he doesn’t work like that and would be out Saturday morning to get it all squared up.  Works for himself so doesn’t have issues with help.  After my class Saturday I texted saying I was heading hoe and hoped he was able to finish as I’d stop y and pay him.  Texted back saying his guy hadn’t shown up, didn’t know where he was and would text me when on his way.  I waited till Sunday night and said never mind I’ll do it myself.

Round 4 – new guy messages me and says saw on FB all the lawn issues you had and he’s available.   Supposed to come today and I’ll be darn, 11:30 get a text saying he finished the yard, actually put my grillls back on the deck for me and what day each week did I want him to come.    There is at least one reputable guy left in zhills.



I can’t believe I’ve been away from my blog so long.  I need to make more time to post but then again it’s just in case that when I’m gone someone might wanna know what I did in life, so I guess it doesn’t matter when i post.

I haven’t really been in the mood to sew lately cause I have this baby quilt looming that I really don’t want to make.  First it’s for the granddaughter of partner at my office that is just not nice to me, and second I just can’t wrap my head around one I like so I decided to start pulling fabrics and cutting them into quilt kits for later use.

I rarely like to just sit and watch TV but I turn it on for the pups.  Makes noise so they don’t bark at so much outside and I sit in my sewing room and cut.  Shame is I think I have 15 plus cut and the cabinet is still so full I can’t fit the scraps.   Now to get busy making quilts.  2018 is no promised quilts and just make what I like.