Is This Adorable Or What!

The young woman Claudia, in my local quilt group still amazes me. Not only has she picked up quilting with what is obviously a natural talent, but she is making the most amazing pin cushions.

First we had the beautiful mannequin pin cushions I shared with you in a prior post, then last week she gifted me one of these. I wish you could see them in person, they are absolutely adorable. She is so eager to learn new things and I can’t wait to see what all this very talented lady will create over the next few years.


Finally Finished One

I can’t believe I finally finished a quilt of my own. I started this last year and finally got motivated enough to quilt and bind it. This was one I wasn’t sure would ever be finished as I couldn’t get a look I liked.

It started out planned with this pattern and using Tula Pink coordinates called Lineworks with the goal of a black and while quilt. About 3 blocks in I hated it, I decided after a few days thought to add in some Tula dots and stripes and still hated it so it got tossed in a box. I woke up one morning and there was the box and I wondered about adding black. So was born this quilt.

I rarely work without a pattern but here it is. My friend Kenetha fell in love with it so it will go to its new home tomorrow.

This Should Be Fun

I’m starting my local quilt group ladies on their first ever mystery quilt. I can’t wait to see if they have fun and how all the quilts turn out. It’s always a gamble. Did your fabrics work for this if you don’t know what you’re making? The fun will soon begin. Well, as soon as they cut the first 900 or so squares.

Pam choose a dark blue background and beautiful teals.

Claudia choose peacock colors with a really pretty peacock background.

Marilyn choose these very feminine florals and I think she is using a white background. I think it will have a beautiful soft look.

I’ll be using a dark navy background and a couple of Kaufman Christmas jelly rolls. I love the silver metallic. I hope some aren’t too close to the background to stand out.

I don’t have a picture on Tonia’s but she is using a mellow yellow background with some really pretty jelly roll strips is different shades of orange.

Trying To Get Motivated

I am trying to get back my love of quilting. I have definitely decided 2022 I will be sticking to the idea I have each year to slow down and take the time to do patterns I have been wanting to do. There will be no deadlines and I won’t be taking any requests for quilts. I did get this new bargello started. I decided to go bold with the colors. In my head it worked out well but I think it’s an all or nothing color. It will either be amazing or hideous. Time will tell. I’ve finished 25 of the 70 rows needed to make the design. Tonia was gracious enough to let me try and lay it out in her room away from the dogs but of course one photo bombs it.

I have To Brag On Her

I really have to brag on one of the ladies that joined our monthly quilt group a few months ago. She has made such amazing progress and her desire for perfection shows in the quilts she has managed to finish since she started coming. I can’t really take credit for what she has learned either. She came to the first class and I showed her how her machine worked, how to sew a quarter inch seam and started her on a jelly roll quilt. She was done and starting a second one by the time we went home. Since then she has shown what my sister had, real natural talent. Her quilts are amazing and I can’t wait to get some pictures and show you some of them.

She also took my sisters pin cushion pattern and not only finished the one Jill had started and gifted it to me, but has made 4 or 5 more in the past few weeks. I could not be more proud of what she has accomplished so quickly and she has done it very well. She definitely hasn’t sacrificed quality for quantity. They are all very well done. I can’t wait to see what type of quilter she becomes.

The first picture is the pin cushion of Jill’s she finished for me and the others she made for herself and her daughter. Jill would have absolutely loved the addition of the “sexy” ballerina skirt.

More Home Repairs

Oh wait, did I mention between the water heater dying and the washer leaking I had 3 ceiling fans decide they would die as well. One the lights quit. One started making a horrible grinding noise and the other just gave up the ghost. Then this weekend one of the dogs got quite ill.

I must say I really like the new fans. Robert was nice enough to spend his only day off putting all 3 up this weekend. Makes you wanna ask, ok what next but I think that’s just asking for trouble and I’m not sure if I really wanna know. But, if the devil thinks he will discourage me, he better get a new hobby because it is what it is. He hasn’t figured out I have God and it won’t matter what he throws this way, I will pray and move on.

One of the new ones went in the sewing room and I was really happy to see it included LED bulbs with the fan. There is so much more light. However, that extra light made it obvious the room had become a huge mess. Did what we could to organize but that isn’t my forte.

Life Events Sure Can Be Overwhelming

I can’t believe all the crazy things that have happened in just a few short months. I’ve had days I felt overwhelmed. I always tell my niece that when you’re living the way God wants you to, the devil comes after you hard as throws road blocks in your path to discourage you. If that is the case, I must be living right but the devil didn’t make an impression. I firmly believe it is what it is. You go thru each day, week, month, year knowing God is in your life and even though crap happens, He is still there. We can’t become discouraged by the little things because in the grand scheme of things, they really are so tiny.

In December Robert had a car accident that while thankfully no one was seriously hurt, it resulted in both cars being considered a total because of age and no parts. The other driver decided almost 2 weeks later to sue but she can hash that out with the insurance company. We were able to get Robert an older car but in beautiful shape, well taken care of and he likes it. I added the pictures below.

After that it seemed like it has just been a snowball effect. You already saw pics of the deck that rotted and had to be replaced. The 3 year old fridge took a nose dive and had to be replaced about a month later. About 3 weeks after that, the hot water heater decided it was old and tired as well. Had that replaced last week and last night the washing machine started leaking.

One thing I learned is never have the water heater replaced when it rains. I couldn’t believe all the mud the plumber brought in going back and forth to his truck and the water cut off. He did his best to clean it up. Check out the picture below Robert’s new car. Those are the steam cleaner pads I used AFTER sweeping and a regular mop. YUCK.

Now My Most Cherished Belonging

I can’t even begin to tell you how much this quilt means to me. I have known some of the ladies in my online quilt group longer than I can remember. I can’t begin to express to them how special this quilt is. The got together and each made a block then Sue in Michigan assembled them all into a quilt in honor of my sister Jill. Tonia even made a block using fabric Jill had bought for me.

I tend to swap out my quilts hanging in my living room every year or so but I think this will be hanging a very long time on the main wall. One day I may move it to a bedroom wall but only because it will get less sun and therefore lower then chance of it getting faded. I may even request it be cremated with me as I don’t think it will ever be as important to me as to someone else. I hope she can see it from heaven and know how many people she touched in the few short years she was here.

Dogs Just Wanna Have Fun

Dogs just love being goofy, well unless you are Merlin. He is quite the dignified little pomeranian and acts like it. Tonia bought the boys pajama’s for Christmas and believe it or not, we actually got a few days cold enough to wear them. Doesn’t happen that often. Baby dog and Argus love wearing them but Merlin gives you a look Mark describes perfectly. That look says “I will pee on your bed later”. I think they look adorable but then I think they are super handsome without clothes as well. Baby dog was a little too round for his so Tonia had to go back and get him another pair. Ok yes, I mean fat but he prefers being called muscular. That dog is like picking up a 20 pound brick, solid all over.


Baby Dog


Hard To Believe I Forget To Update Here

I can’t believe I haven’t posted anything since Mark came to visit. But then again, other than quilting, I have a pretty quiet life. Since my sister passed away I really have had a hard time trying to get back into the swing of quilting. I have mostly been quilting tops for the ladies in my local quilt class.

I’ll get a few more pictures but these are the most recent ones finished by Pam, Marilyn and Tonia. Pam made the red and white log cabin for a gift, Marilyn made the blue disappearing nine patch for her church pastor and Tonia made a batik log cabin.. I know they will both be loved. They came out great.