A Nice Visit With Mark

It was so nice to have Mark come visit for Thanksgiving. We didn’t do much more then relax, eat and visit with people but sometimes that’s what life calls for. I did get a great pic of Mark chilling with Merlin and the Thanksgiving table covered with BBQ. Shannon and Robert did most of the work this year and I am not complaining. It was salmon, chicken, pork, tenderloin and ribs all on the new smoker.


Still A Work In Progress

I don’t come here to write as often as I’d like and I miss updating my sexy sister of what was going on in Florida. But in the spirit of blogs, I think I will keep updating as something exciting happens. Or in my life, more like something vaguely exciting.

After years of trying different ideas and spending money on idea after idea, my backyard is still a work in progress. I will admit the friend that wanted to paint my desk missed all the inside edges but at least it has a water coating on it. After that, I decided it was much nicer to have the grills where I could step outside and cook so I rearranged. The grills are now right outside the kitchen door and the smoking area has been moved across the yard. It is still a work in progress. Soon as we have time we’ll be adding a railing around half the deck so the bench and plants can’t slide off the edge.

With the hot tub gone, I now have an area for a fire pit and some chillin chairs under the pergola. Client gifted me an amazon card for Christmas so new chairs it is. Still have to pressure wash the pavers but I have the lounge chairs in the back and a fire pit area in the front also. Other than some plants eventually, I think I’ve run out of yard ideas.

Here are pictures of the grill deck, smoking area, lounge chairs and front seating area.