Christmas for Myself

Every year I adopt a family and get presents for Shannon and Robert so this year I decided to include myself.  I have hated that glass top stove since I bought it 5 years ago so I sent it to one of the members of the jeep club that needed a stove.  I had gas company come out and install my propane and this was my present to myself.    Picture is a tad blurry but she’s beautiful.



Thanksgiving Dinner

This year I decided instead of adopting a family for Thanksgiving and sending over the food, that I would invite the neighbors (Tammy and Bo) over to join us for dinner.    We went a little traditional and a little untraditional.    Made a small turkey breast and mashed potatoes but the focus of meal was a grilled tenderloin and grilled veggies.    Was so much easier.  Robert grilled outside and all we had to wash prep wise was the potato and turkey pan.    Everyone seemed to enjoy the meal.  Shannon even baked us a loaf of bread from the left over dough we used to make dinner rolls.

It’s On The Wall

I finally got this quilt quilted and we hung it on the dining room wall.  I need to move the clips over a hair so I can make it level but it looks nice in there.    It’s a French braid and this is the first one I’ve made with the center squares.    Book was a little confusing but once you figure it out, it’s all up hill.     Can’t wait to make another.