Shannon All Dressed Up

For Christmas I bought Shannon and her husband Neil Diamond tickets. Apparently they are big fans.   I figured with all the medical frights in December they needed some enjoyment.   It must have been difficult to get a gift that you couldn’t use for 4 months but the tickets sold out very quickly.

Here’s Shannon all dressed and ready to go.   Of course one of the boys had to photo bomb the pic.  They are always around when you take a picture.

Shannon concert


Getting Excited to See My Sister

I can’t wait.  In about 22 more days I will get to see my awesome sister and her amazing hubby.   So excited.  8 days to hang out, commune with nature and visit with each other.

We decided this year to meet half way and found what looks to be an amazing cabin in Blue Ridge GA.  Turns out almost exactly 8 hours for each of us.  Jill and I are spending Monday at the spa while Mark visits the local music shops.  With him being an avid guitar player maybe she better take the credit card with us.   After that Mark wants to pop over to Alabama one day and who knows what else.

Just can’t wait to spend some time with them.  Just found them a few years ago thru a lot of research by Jill.   I should say they found me and it was certainly a blessing to my life.   I always wondered why I couldn’t just have normal family where people cared about each other and now I have that.

I hope they can still fit in a trip to Florida this year.  Had to leave early last year because of that dang hurricane. Love those 2 so much.

My Boys

LOL nothing to say I just love posting pictures of my pups.  They do not like bath day but it wears them out.  They have to spend the rest of the day recovering from the stress.    Baby dog needs the towels on the floor as he likes to dry himself.    Now they is tired babies.   We spent a long time in back yard Saturday and they been little worn out since then.  Hopefully no heat exhaustion.


New Bed Completed

The new bed is finished.  We had planned about 3 hours to completely fill it.  Thank goodness we checked on it as it took exactly 43 minutes.    I don’t have the time to make a king size quilt so I bought this one to hold me until I get that far.  Believe it or not, a fellow quilter posted a new fabric she just bought and it was identical to my bedspread.  I think I won’t bother to make me one for a while but I’ll order the fabric and make some valances for my windows.   I decided I like the open light from the window so I went with no headboard.

new bed finished

New Bed

I was glad that I got a lot of the bed saga done before Robert woke up.  I feel bad he has to help me with so much so I wanted to get as much done as possible before he came over.  As you can see from the prior bed saga post, I was able to get the entire old bed dismantled and moved into the living room before he got up.   I got the new bed moved from the living room to the bedroom and holy crap that was a chore.  2 of the boxes were so heavy took me 15 minutes to move just those from one end of house to the other.  But step one is done.  Boxes moved.

After that, Lord help me, was the crazy instructions.  It is nearly impossible to assemble anything, let alone heavy stuff, with 3 crazy dogs that feel the need to help you.   I was able to at least unpack everything and get the frame put together.  Robert arrived as I was unpacking the foundation which worked well cause I couldn’t have done the mattress alone.

After that it was a matter of putting the mattress together and adding the liner.   Thank goodness he was there to help with that.   Then we hooked up 2 hoses and waited.

new bed liner

Bed Saga Continues

After selling my waterbed when I bought the new house, I have now bought 4 beds in 6 years and I hate them all.  I’m not sure when I made the decision to have a regular bed but it was a bad decision.    When I redid my bedroom in the front I went back to a softside but the master bedroom already had a bed frame so I tried a memory foam mattress.    I absolutely hate it.  Wait, hate is not a strong enough word, I loathe it.

So, while people think water beds are old school, I went back to one.   I think I still love the free flow bag water beds but the people who make them tell me with RA I should get a soft side again so I did.  Here’s my old bed taken apart and ready to go to it’s new home.   Not to worry, Ms. Tonja gave it a wonderful new home.