New Quilt Group

Every time you join one of the facebook or other quilt groups it’s exciting to see all the different ideas, chat about fabrics, what’s new, what’s on sale, etc.  However more and more, every time you post something it ends up “not allowed” or against the rules.   You can’t mention links to items, or other fabrics, etc.   I started my own page where quilters can chat, swap fabric and patterns, let each other know what’s on sale and where.  I mean who doesn’t like to know thread is on sale for half price.  So if you happen across my blog and want to join, come one in.



I’m Not Sure How This Will Turn Out

I needed a little break from my firefight quilts (you can only look at red, white and blue so long) so I decided to cut another kit so it will be ready to sew.  I really liked how my first one block wonder came out so I decided to do another.  I learned so much so I am hoping this one is better.  I chose a panel to use and here is what some of it will look like.  The first picture is before it’s cut and the following are what some of the hexies will look like before they are sewn together.

Isn’t she beautiful

I’m such a slacker I didn’t take any pictures of Mark or our vacation things but I did of Jill.  Here she is with my hair dresser Michael.  When she said she was open to funky, new hair style or color he lit up like a kid at Christmas.  She was beautiful to start with and just amazing now. I just love her.


Baby Dog Rules

I have been so lucky with baby Lothar.  I love Merlin and Argus but they are both stubborn and trying to teach Argus something is like knocking on wood.   Baby Lothar watches them sit so I never had to teach him.  When I say sit he just knows to sit.  I’ve had dog training bells on front door since Merlin and Argus were little but they would never ring to go out.  When Lothar was tiny I’d tell him ring the bell and he’d look at me like I was nuts so I just kinda forgot about them. Argus will stand by the dog and if you don’t notice him potties on the floor when he can’t wait any longer.   Friday Baby Lothar just went over, rang the bells and sat down and waited for someone to come.   I was so excited but I created a monster.  He is not your typical pomeranian.  He loves being in the yard, playing in the grass and digging up plants.  So now every 10-15 minutes he rings the bell and waits for someone to let him out.  He loves being in the yard rain or shine.



Bufo Toads

Ok I hate toads period simple because they are ugly and I hate things that leap at you.  Walked out one day last week to find a giant and I mean giant, bufo toad right at my front gate.    These things are so poisonous to cats and dogs that I dread seeing them.  Luckily I can say this is the first time I’ve seen one since we moved to Pasco county.   He was the size of a large softball.



Jeep Life

Teaching my sister Jill and her wonderful hubby Mark to enjoy jeep life.    I forgot to get his picture but he doesn’t have that fly away kind of hair.   We missed going to the beach because of Hurricane Matthew but we did a couple of fun things while there were here.