I Missed My Sister Time

I had wanted to go to Ohio and visit my sexy sister and her amazing hubby early this year but thanks to the IRS extending the tax deadline that got put on hold. I arranged to go my usual time in May but then got sick so again it’s been put on hold. I can’t tell you how much I look forward to that visit each year. It’s like the highlight of my year. Now to find a new date I can go.

I did get to finish the quilt Jilly’s other half sister requested. It’s funny how much I worried whether a blind lady would like it or not. The store sent me the wrong fabric twice then was out of what I originally wanted so it got changed to make it larger using a different idea. I still am not crazy about it but her only request was blue and white. I tried to add some texture with the 3-D flying geese in 2 corners so I hope she likes it. Now to get to Ohio to deliver it.


For My Own Bed

This one was a long time in the making. It turned out huge but I planned it for my king size bed. Not sure why as I have to wash the bed one so often due to the dogs sleeping on in. Either way, this one I am keeping. I even found the perfect pillows.

I have made 2 four patch posey quilts using this fabric in the past and gifted both of them. I was lucky enough to find just enough to make another for myself. I normally don’t care for florals but I love this fabric done in a 4 patch and octagons. The pillows look very spring like to match the floral fabric and the colors work well also. Now to come up with the perfect quilt to use as a headboard. I debated this one but it really is too large for a wall hanging. I may have to paint the bedroom now.

Love How This Came Out

Here is another I won’t have a completed photo for. I have been wanting to make this version of a log cabin for a long time and I finally did. I used a couple of KF design rolls in oranges, yellows, reds, etc and mixed in a simple off white. I wasn’t sure if I would keep this one or not. I love it but I seem to be keeping a lot of them lately.

The problem solved itself. I dropped it off for a friend to baste for me and her sister asked to buy it before I even basted or quilted it. I hope Diane loves it. I really liked how this one turned out. I think it’s for her granddaughter.

The Wedding Quilts

I have been gone from my blog a while but it seems like about all I have to write about are the quilts I make. That’s ok though. I enjoy being at home and I enjoy making quilts, so it works perfectly for me.

My bosses daughter decided to get married right after the April tax deadline so I had to put everything on hold and make her a wedding quilt. She wanted something much more modern than her sister and choose the bargello pattern. Since she didn’t want bed size I made her 2 matching sofa quilts. I was wondering how it would look as she said she doesn’t like a lot of color then choose navy, grey and said maybe some green but nothing bright. That is so not me but I think they came out quite clean and classic looking. I forgot to get another picture after adding the borders and quilting them.