My Latest Octagon

In case I haven’t mentioned it, lol, I am addicted to making octagon and 4 patch posey quilts. I absolutely love taking a fabric and finding out what it’s going to turn into. I think if I let myself, I’d make them all the time. But, I do have others on my “to-do” list also.

This is my latest octagon. Everyone said the fabric wouldn’t work, wasn’t enough background, etc. Well I’m gonna put it out there, this may be my favorite of all time. In fact I have hung it front and center on my living room wall. It’s 100 octagons and I love looking how unique each came out. The teal squares were a last minute addition and wow am I glad I added them. I don’t mean to sound like I’m bragging but LOVE this quilt. I didn’t take a picture of the back but it’s a very pretty teal and I quilted it just going around the blade of each octagon with squiggly lines. Should have reminded myself before I started it meant going around 800 blades.


My Herd

I love sharing pictures of my pets. I really do love them just as much as most people I know. They are all so unique in their behavior and you can’t help but love them.

Argus got a hair cut this weekend and was his usual butthead self and fought the groomer all the time. He even shoved her clippers on the floor and broke them but at least he had a hair cut. I always wondered why people get long haired dogs then cut it short but he enjoys having short hair. He scratches himself terrible once it gets long and pulls patches of hair out of his mane. Of course it cooled off immediately when he got a hair cut but he loves wearing his t-shirt. He is such a goof ball but he is the protector of the pack. Don’t mess with the rest of them or he is up in your face. He even barks like crazy when I give the others a bath. He matches the rug so nicely.

Then we have Lothar (aka Baby Dog). Well he is simply a doll. He has a dwarfism gene that will keep him mentally a puppy his whole life and you’d never know. He has learned so much easier then the others without ever being shown tricks. He loves to ring the bells hanging on the door to go outside but Lord forbid you don’t hear it cause he will slam them into the door till you come let him out. He would gladly live in the yard if you’d let him. We were playing Silence of the Pomeranians with a hair tie. He is secure in his manhood and doesn’t mind that pink shirt at all. Funny with just a hair tie to hold them in place they can wear Shannon’s tshits.

Then there is Merlin. He is a whole personality himself and a very strange little dog. He loves people and attention but he is also very much a loner. I think he’d be just a happy living with a little old person that would just hold him all day. He and baby are on a constant battle to decide who is the alpha dog. It’s hard to look how different they are and remind yourself they aren’t human. Most people never realize they are all siblings and have the same parents because they are so different. Merlin will have nothing to do with the tshirts.

Then we have Kiljeadean, aka Killy. She lived here first and makes that very clear to them. She doesn’t interact with the dogs much but I think in secret she likes Merlin. She lets him nuzzle her face sometimes and likes to sleep on his pillow when he gets up. She rules the animal kingdom in our house.

I Seem to Forget

It seems like I often forget to add to my blog. It’s more than likely that I don’t have much to blog about except quilting and let’s face it, that can get boring to the average person. Between work, cleaning the house, cooking, taking care of dogs, etc. I don’t leave a lot of free time for much else. But, I’m ok with that as I’m pretty much a home-body. I enjoy being home and relaxing or creating quilts.

Here are a couple I just finished in 2021. This first one is in my closet till it finds a place to be donated. A need always comes along eventually. I made it using a solid ivory and an asian them jelly roll. I really love how it came out.

This next one is one I’m giving to the client that gave me their aunts 1960 White sewing machine. I wanted to say thank you with something personal that shows I appreciate the gift of something that belonged to family. The machine is beautiful and I hope she enjoys the quilt. I’m not really that into florals but she’s very feminine and I thought she’d like it.