A Log Cabin That Lays Flat

One of the basic beginner quilt blocks has been a headache to me from day one.  I love the log cabin and the court house step blocks but have struggled for years to get the blocks made to lay flat.   I’ve bought special rulers, squares etc. and still they never want to lay flat.

I decided I would try the Missouri Star pattern for a curved log cabin.  Viloa, 36 flat blocks.  I was impressed.  After putting them together twice and picking them back apart, I finally found a layout I liked.    Not sure where it will end up living, but it’s finished.   They are made using a Robert Kaufman jelly roll called Holiday Flourish and a silver on white small print.

Updated to show it was gifted to a friend of my cousins who gifted me a beautiful treadle




It’s Not Christmas But . . . .

It’s not Christmas but I finished this for Ms. Glenda Smith.  She loved the wall hangings I made for the Creation Station Christmas party last year and I promise to make her one.   However, I was in the process of teaching a magic tile quilt for the group and she loved the vintage Christmas prints from Robert Kaufman.  I decided to gift her the entire quilt.

It just so happens that the fabric set came with a beautiful panel so I finally pieced it and made her a table topper to match her quilt.  Got it finished and quilted and last week was able to gift it to her.   Difficult to tell in the picture but the fabrics are all really pretty metallics.


My Floral 4 Patch Posey

I bought this fabric a year or so ago for a 4 patch posey.  I kept looking at it and it was kinda busy.  I cut the blocks and it was really busy so I packed it away.  I finally decided love or hate it, it was time to finish it.  I found a coordinating stripe for the sashing but it made it even more busy.

In a last ditch effort, I decided just use black and put the stripe on a small corner stone.  WOW.  I love how it turned out.  The black just made everything fall into place and I’m really digging the cornerstones.   So glad I finished it.


Room Rearranging – Again

If you know me you know I’m always trying to find a better way to arrange a 12 x 29 living room.  So once again, I moved it around.  Now we have a tv area and a sitting area. It’s not like I’ll use the sitting area since it’s just me, but it looks cozy. Maybe one day it will be an exercise area.

I debated for years turning the sofa this way and kept saying it was too long.  I wish I had done it years ago.  The TV is on the wall you can’t see where the sofa faces.   I love the new layout.  For now, lol.

Then after 8 years of struggling with no counter space and no cabinet space in the kitchen, I suddenly thought why not put a cabinet in there.   Just trying to buy a cabinet and counter top was so expensive so I found an antique buffet the owner redid.  He removed the scarred top and added a black granite top.  Of course since I was doing this I decided it was time to buy my rooster rug and move a couple of other things in there.  No clue why I waited so long.  It’s just so much easier working in there and not so much stuff sitting out and in the way.

2019 – This One Took A While

I can’t remember how long ago I found this pattern but it took over a year to get all 6 magazines that had the pattern in it.  Then it took me a few months to get it all pieced.  While it’s not perfect,  for only being the 2nd thing I paper pieced, I think it came out really nice.

I have no problem making the pieces but I struggle getting it all assembled and making it all fit together.   It should be easy but for me it never seems to fit exactly.  So here it is.

I decided to have this one professionally quilted and my  friend Patti Sandage did such an amazing job.  When I got it back I was speechless.  It’s now on my bed with black and lavender pillow cases and teal throw pillows.  I think I’ll keep this one.



Sexy Sister’s Amazing Idea

My sister always has such amazing ideas.  She has a half sister that is blind and loves flip flops.  So Jill and I decided to collaborate on a quilt for her.

Jill bought the fabric and I pieced the top and quilted.  Then I shipped it back to Jill and wow she added some sexy textured straps on all the flops.  It really knocked my socks off and Jill was able to finish it in time to get it to Brenda in time for Christmas.   Of course, she loved it.


What a Hoot

While I was stunned at first, it’s kinda funny now.  The groomer came and misunderstood that I just wanted her to shorten Argus’ hair.  So, she shaved him, right down to the skin.

Good thing is he seemed more comfortable but the weather of course, decided to get cooler.  Well just so happens, they love wearing t-shirts and you know in my house,


if Argus gets a t-shirt then Baby Dog wants a t-shirt.

I think he gets chilled sleeping as he sleeps in the most unusual ways now.

My Boys

You know the year is not complete without an update on my boys.  Wow they are crazy as ever but we were able to get a training class with Pat, The Dog Pro.  The boys did great. While they have a long way to go, I know how to start trying to teach them things now .

While Pat loved them all, he was very impressed with Merlin.   Thinks he would make an amazing therapy dog.   After 3 hours he had the boys sitting with no one holding the leashes and I was shocked.  He took Merlin in to visit his mom who is bedridden and he jumped right up to sit with her.   He is such an attention ham.  Pat even made up a new card featuring Merlin.


Just a few updates from 2018

So just a few pics of the last few months of 2018.  Nothing too exciting.   But here goes.

I got to add my car in the truck or treat at church.  Wow there are so many kids that you just can’t hand out beads and candy fast enough.  Decorated the trunk with a pirate chest and handed out candy, beads and fake coins.  The kids all had a blast.

Oh finally unpacked the electric pressure cooker I bought like 5 years ago.  Giving it a try for 2019.  Beef stew came out awesome and only 45 minutes.

My tababoui tree bloomed.  The yellow one never really blooms but the purple one is so pretty.


WOW – I’ve been gone a long time

I can’t believe I’ve waited so long to post here.  I am going to try and make at least a weekly post in 2019.  Well I guess beginning in February 2019, since it’s already February 6th.   So not a lot going on in life except work.   I have done a bit of moving around things at the house so I’ll post some pics in my next post.  Maybe at lunch today I can get a few posts done.    Looking forward to a productive 2019.