Making This Was Such An Honor

I made this for a friend and a vietnam veteran along with the help of his wife Diane.  I am thrilled how this came out.  The pattern is called 3 Tours


2019 Is In The Books

I was able to close out 2019 with 2 more finished quilts.  These were down to the wire with the binding and washing but they are done. 4 more are in the pile to baste and quilt for the start of 2020.

I have been wanting to make a braid with these colors for a long time.  I’m not sure I LOVE how it came out but is pretty and has a lot f color so I am happy with it.  It also got one of my pre-cut boxes finished.   I gifted the quilt to my niece Michelle this past weekend.  They are going to hang it in their bedroom.

The other is my Christmas magic tile.  The first I ever made is still my favorite but the dogs got that when they were pups.  I’ll keep this one for myself.  It’s very similar to the one I made my sister Jill.

One In The Works

I am making this for a dear friend’s husband.  Well I shouldn’t phrase it like that as he is a dear friend himself.  He has been having a difficult year health wise and being a veteran I wanted to use this pattern.

I had to hoped to finish by his birthday, early January, but it will be a push.   I love how it’s working out though.


Here is One For Bob

Finished this and hadn’t made a plan for it yet but like I say, sometimes God knows where they need to go.

I finished this a few weeks ago and laid it aside till I decided where it needed to live.  Diane happened to call and say her step-dad, granddaddy Bob as they call him, had hurt himself and would be in assisted rehab for a while.  Well like I said, God sends them where they need to go so, off this one went to granddaddy.  I’m thrilled he will have something that he feels is his while he has to be away from home.   Diane does such as amazing job taking care of him.

6 granddaddy

My Student’s – Marilyn

I wish I had a picture of Marilyn’s quilt.  It will be stunning.  We met last week and she got her final borders on and is having it basted.  I can’t wait to show you.

I think Marilyn is going to enjoy quilting as she is very creative and I think she has a long line of quilts in her future.   Can’t wait till I can post one she did but here she is working on it.  Isn’t she cute as a button?


My Student – Diane

Diane has taken to quilting like a fish to water.  I started her on a Magic Tile that she didn’t like, but she stuck with it and loved the finished piece.   In order to work on her 1/4 inch seams I had her make jelly roll quilts.  She actually made 4 for her family for Christmas.  She certainly got bitten by the quilting bug.

Here are a couple she has finished.  I think she’s in love and her hubby is so happy for her.  It’s a joy to see him stop and admire her work or say something nice about how it looks.

My Students – Kenetha’s First

Here is one of my students first quilt top.  She was able to get the borders on so I could quilt it in time for her Tennessee trip.  Worked out great as she wanted to gift it to her friends there.

Such a pretty fall panel.  I can’t wait to see where she goes from here.  2020 I am gearing up for a whole new concept.  If the ladies have decided they want to continue quilting each will start with measuring and cutting and move on once they master each step.

I hope Kenetha enjoyed making this and loves how it came out.

4 kenetha

4 kenetha

I Hope It Was A Little Like Christmas

I can’t begin to explain how much work and thought Jill and Mark seem to put into each and every gift.  Jill spent what I will assume months making pin cushions and poofs.  Not only just hand made ones but each has something she wanted to share.   One was trim we used on a joint quilt, one was fabric I had shared with her and one had her grandmother broach.   That way we shared something that belonged to her grandmother.  She even gifted my friend Diane with them as well.  How awesome is that.   The poof – I don’t want to think how much cussing was involved in making that but I love it.  Finally a foot stool I won’t smash my toes into.  She knows I hate that.  I think you will see from the pics though that Merlin has claimed it.   What sister spends hours watching videos to make you something special?

Not to be outdone, Mark topped off the gift list with an amazing blue vintage sewing machine.  I had mentioned it a few months ago and he drove to Coolville Ohio and got it for me.  I absolutely LOVE it and everything they gave/made us.   I won’t share my pineapple pillows till I get the new to me sofa set up.  I can’t wait to display them.   Oh and a nifty stun gun as well.  Must not forget to mention that.

I just love those 2 so much.   I wish I had gotten more done for their gifts.  They paled in comparison.