In 12 days I will see my sister and her awesome husband.  In 2 weeks from today she and I will be just leaving the spa after an all day “spa experience”.  I can’t wait.  They are just such open, honest people and you never feel judged or lacking.

I can’t wait – I’m so to excite them.  Since I never get to see them for birthdays and I’m like 35 years behind on birthday gifts for an amazing sister, I’m treating her to the spa for her birthday and have Mark a surprise for his coming from the Ukraine.   It arrived in NY today so I’m hoping it gets thru customs and arrives here in time for me to take it to GA.    I’ll keep you posted.


Made this completely from my stash

This was a mystery quilt on facebook and I am delighted to say I was able to make the entire thing without buying anything new.  I wasn’t too sure about the teal but once I got in finished, it really helped bring out the small amount of teal in the focus fabric.     I was going to put on my bed but I have a friend that just got a new bed and loves purple so instead it was delivered today and I’m sure she’ll enjoy it more than I ever would.

No. 2 for the fire department

Still have to finish all 31 hopefully by the end of the year but I’m waiting to post one once it’s completely finished.    Here is #2 complete.  I have 1 more waiting to be quilted, 8 more waiting to be basted and 20 more waiting to be cut and pieced.


fire 2

Raffle Quilt

Well, it’s finished, the drawing held, the winner announced and delivered to it’s new home.   Kenetha won the quilt and we were able to raise a little under $700.  All the money raised goes to a local family struggling with a lot of medical bills or on-going issues.    My sister Jill did such an awesome job of not only keeping track of the sales and drawing our winner but promoting the quilt raffle and raising those funds.  She is just amazing in her love for others.   Here it is finished.  I think it came out very well.