My little emo dog

I love all my pups but look at this face.  I love this little emo dog.  He’s become so emotional.



Free Motion Quilting

With someone using my big bedroom, I haven’t been able to get in there and actually quilt a top since June.  I finally decided this weekend I just needed to work on her.  I forget how relaxing I find it to tune out and just meander around with a design.    Unfortunately the pups are still in puppy stage so you have to check on them every 5 minutes.

After a lot of thought, I decided I will likely move my long arm to the empty corner of the living room and store my bike and such in the back room.  Kinda makes it easier to take it in and out the back door and I can quilt while watching the pups.  I can also quilt the firefighters quilts as I complete them since it will be easy to get to.  Looking forward to using her more often as soon as I move.


Star Quilt for a Friend

My pet sitter always does a little extra for the boys and I know they’ve had a hard year and some help from her in-laws so I offered to make a quilt for her to give her in-laws for Christmas.   I usually don’t post until they are finished but she will be doing the binding so I won’t get another picture.    I think it came out very pretty.  I hope they enjoy it and she enjoys gifting it.


My boys might be spoiled

It’s decided, they might be spoiled brats.   The boys bedroom was my next project and it’s finally done.  Well except I have to find someone to repair the baseboards the pups decided to teethe on.  Now they have their chair to look out the window and their own day bed.  If only they’d sleep in there nights but they like sleeping under my bed.  One room down that short of baseboards should not have to be redone.

The tuffet is for baby dog.  It’s too short to get on the bed by himself.


Back Yard Update

Hate to say it but I am not completely done with the back yard yet.  We finally did remove the ugly shed I have hated since I bought the house.   I put a post out on facebook and said take it apart and it’s yours.  Was gone in 5 minutes.  Of course the shed was not sitting on a concrete slab as the crazy person I bought the house from claimed it was.  It was a huge pit of dirt surrounded by cinder blocks.    Well that would be a disaster for the dogs.  I finally got the “house guest” to get off his butt and help with something so we built a deck over the dirt pit.   Good bye ugly shed and hello new seating area.  Can’t wait to add the pups play items and I’ll be done.  Pictures are kinda dark but I get home too late to get a good one.

Yard Redo – AGAIN

No matter what I do to the front yard whether grass, sod and plants they simply will not live longer than 3 weeks to a month.  Yard, you win, I give up.  I finally admitted the yard won.  While I still have half the front yard outside the fence with nice grass, here is the before and after pictures of the new yard redo.    This is permanent so I should be done for good this time.   Along with the pile of rocks I started with.  5 yards is a whole lotta rock.