I Just Love These Little Dogs


Ok So I Got Started On The Hair Thing

After a life time of thin, fine lifeless hair I’m kind of used to there isn’t a lot you can do with it.  It only looks decent with certain cuts and colors have to match your skin tone and personality.  You spend a lot of time with a curling iron and hair spray.

I spent some time this weekend looking into different products and I think it might be as bad, if not worse, than the skin care research.  You need root lifters, thickening shampoos and conditioners, collagen mousse, dry sprays for volume.  Again how many products can you put in your hair in one day?  I’m seriously starting to believe that we see so many new diseases, cancers, etc. because we are just choking our skin to death.  How does your skin breathe and your scalp release built up heat when it’s layered with 6-10 products a day?

I think I need a change. Maybe I need to get a wig?

Tips for Mature Skin

Ok I couldn’t resist mentioning this on my blog as I think women may be going crazy.   Yes women, men would never pay these prices to look better.

I agree that after a certain age you may need to change up you make up routine.  If you’re like me and have oily skin you may have to make a little more of an effort but come on, have women gone nuts?

I tend to be lazy in the make up department and throw on a foundation and eyeliner and call it a day.   However I noticed lately my face more attention as it is getting problem areas with itching and rashes.  Lupus causes rashes and a higher acid content in my skin so that certainly doesn’t help.  After a lot of talking to dermatologists and reading what I can, I’ve discovered some of these things are priced like crazy.  They definitely play on women’s desire to look younger, prettier, etc.

Do you really need an oil free moisturizer with white tea for $80 and ounce?  Or what about a matte foundation for $50 an ounce?   By the time you add in primers, concealers, eye shadows and liners then top it all off with a finishing spray,  I’s have a $3-400 a month face.  This isn’t even using high end department store lines.  I used prices from Hello, L’Oreal and Revlon.  Is that really what women need to feel good about themselves?  While I think it certainly makes me feel better to cover some flaws and adding a little enhancement to the way God made me look, some of this is nuts.   If I follow the routine suggested by the dermatologist, I need to get up at least an hour earlier and put approximately 6-8 layers of cosmetics on my face daily.  Can that really be good for you?

Don’t get me stared on the hair thing.

I Think She Likes It

Since I quilt to keep myself busy I find that from time to time I make a quilt that doesn’t have a home.  Anytime that happens I have been gifting them one at a time to the ladies and young men at the vet clinic where I work.   After I have finished those I will start storing them again for giving out in winter months to the homeless or less fortunate.  It makes me feel like I am not making unwanted quilts with no homes to go to.  HAHA

This quilt started out as a regular 4 patch posey.  Once I made the blocks, it seemed like they didn’t look a lot different than the original fabric so they needed something.  I decided to change them into a square in a square and add some solids.  The yellow was a bold color choice but I am so glad I decided to use it.  I really love how it turned out and I think Jessica likes it also.   (The back is the same sold yellow).


I Did It Again

I made that floral 4 patch posey that I fell in love with and few months back and had planned to keep, then I donated it to the church ladies luncheon.  After countless hours searching, I was able to find more of the fabric even though it was discontinued.   I am so glad I was able to find and that I decided to buy the entire 10 yards she had left.   Here is why.

Once I finished the new quilt, I showed it to one of the ladies in my monthly quilt group and she fell in love.  We both know I wanted to gift it to her, so I did.   So while I really wanted to keep it, she will get more joy out of it than I ever will.   And, if I cut carefully, I have enough to likely make me another one to keep.   So nice to be able to bless someone and still make one for myself.

Here is the one going to Sheryl.   Each one is a little different so no one had a duplicate.  This differs in the orange striped cornerstones and the small polka dot inner border.


Finally Something Completed

Sorry about the back pictures but I don’t have anywhere to hang them so Shannon holds them up best she can.  I realized my stack of quilts waiting to be basted was getting out of hand so I took a break from piecing and planning, and started basting the ones I had backing for.   I hadn’t realized I have 9 or 10 waiting to be finished but I finally got one done.

I bought this fabric in Marietta Ohio the first year I went to meet Jill and Mark.  There was a little shop I noticed by accident as I was heading home.   I don’t actually recall the name of it.  Very nice shop and turned out Jill actually knew the owner.  Unfortunately they apparently closed up this past month.

This was washed last night and is on it’s way today to be delivered to Shannon’s boss, Cindy.  Whenever one doesn’t have a home I pick one of the the people she works with and bless them with it.  I think I’m about half way thru the employees.

I Love These Nuts, But . . . . .

I love my dogs but let’s be honest, they are crazy.  I spent the day trying to get the new covers on the chairs and sofa because they wallow.  They spent the day acting like circus monkeys.  Argus couldn’t get himself and his barking under control so had to have some time outs throughout the day.  When it comes to time outs, Baby Dog runs and hides.


I’m Feeling the Love

I spent Sunday pinning quilt tops so I can get them quilted before the pile is huge.  Ok it’s kinda huge already, but I made a dent in it.  I had 10 to get done and was able to get 6 of those pinned and ready to quilt and bind before the batting roll ran out.

I finished off my roll of batting and before I could order another one, I get a message from Jill that I have a package arriving from her and Mark this week.   Guess what – it’s a HUGE roll of warm and natural batting.  Enough for at least a dozen quilts.  She also sent me some pretty fabrics for my dog trainer and these crazy pens.    I love those 2 nuts.




When I Don’t Sew

4th of July is what happens when I can’t get motivated to sew but I can’t stand doing nothing.   I ended up making desserts and dinner items.  Not including dinner we ended up with a great selection of home made goodies.  Deviled eggs, glazed lemon pound cake, molasses and bran muffins and a home made key lime pie.   I had forgotten how long it takes to squeeze all those tiny little limes by hand.   I can’t even remember what I made for dinner.



So Where Do I Go Now

As you know my life basically involves working, quilting and the pups so there isn’t much to blog about except those thing and let’s be honest, no one wants to hear about accounting so it’s usually quilting.

So what’s next? Who knows.  I finished up a couple of tops but they aren’t quilted yet so no pictures.   I did spent Saturday cleaning and oiling all my machines.  Even got time to check out the one Sue gave me on the trip to Michigan.

A 1923 Singer 123.  You can’t beat these old machines.  Almost 100 years old and still sews a beautiful seam.  1