Quilt Room 2.0

I am loving the space the new quilt room gives me. I use that space more than any other in my home so I’m glad to see it being used for what’s important to me. I have 3 machines set up on one wall so I can just move from machine to machine depending on what I’m working on. Robert set up my cutting/storage table in the middle of the room and let are area for pressing, relaxing and my longarm. I love that I can roll the design board where ever I want it. My favorite part of the entire room is the pegboard he added to the back of the cutting table.

My guest room went from the first picture to the new ones. I’ve changed a couple of lights and added a machine since these pics but I love the room. Next up I’ll be assembling my raffle quilt so Marilyn can baste it.

Original Room
My pegboard storage
longarm and design board
thread storage and pressing area
My machines

Loving This New Longarm Set Up

I would never have thought of this if my friend Pam hadn’t given me a huge quilt to quilt for her. I’m talking 124 x 100 or so. Moving the longarm to my new quilt room gave me room to add folding tables to each side and wow does it really help moving the weight of the larger quilt tops. I took a couple of days off last week to finish up the house changes and was able to get all but one of the basted tops completed.

These were mine, Marilyn’s, Claudia’s and 2 of Pam’s. I had to include a picture of Pam’s giant one on the machine. That thing was so big it took me 10 minutes to wrestle it onto the table and fold it.

Pam’s ready to deliver

My New Guest Room

The first 4 years in my house I used the master bedroom and the kids used the front 2 bedrooms. When they moved, I moved to the front bedroom and used my master for a guest room. After hosting “friends’ 3 different times over the years and having my mind and home abused, things ruined, etc., I decided no one else will be living with me that’s not family. Then I realized I have 400 square feet of my house that gets used a week or two a year and decided to make some changes.

Instead of using my spare front room for my sewing room, I have now made that my guest room. I put in a sofa bed, cubbies for storing things if I have guests and all it needs now is painting, baseboards replaced and a quilt for the wall. I love that the sofa lays flat and makes a twin size bed and upright it has room behind it to store pillows and sheets.

Had To Post It

I couldn’t stop myself and I had to post this. It absolutely defines my house. I don’t mind putting the boys in another room for repair people but if you visit my home you should know this.

Time For Another Quilt Raffle

My dear friends Marilyn & Claudia’s Sunday school class is collecting money for one of the missionaries they support to build a new metal building. I offered to make a quilt they could raffle and what better one than like my sister’s memory quilt since the pattern is called God’s Eye. It will be 16 blocks all in a different color combo. I hope it sells a lot of tickets because I love the colors so far. I’ve finished 5 of the 16 blocks so far.

A Few Days Away

Our friend Pam was gracious enough to invite me to spend a couple of days that the condo her family rented for the month in June. It was hot but really nice to get away for a couple of days. Work schedule hasn’t opened up enough I can take more than 2 or 3 days at a time, but it was very relaxing, the condo was stunning and we had a great time. I had to laugh though as we needed step stools to climb in the beds.

I Finally Hung It

I can’t say I realized this quilt was 8 feet x 8 feet until I hung it up. Originally I thought not with the teal furniture but the rug has teal, orange and purple so why not. Boy it came out huge.

Can’t Believe How Much I Miss You

This week will be your first birthday in heaven. I know you will be celebrating with Jesus and all your family that have gone one before. After you’ve witnessed heaven, I would never wish you back to this mess we call a world the way it is now, but I sure do miss you. Love you Jillybean my beautiful sister.

These Should Come Out Fun

I ran across a Loralie Harris flamingo fabric and thought it might be a fun hexagon as I could get some with stripes and some without so I bought it. I had a chance this past Saturday to cut it out and I think it’s going to be fun. In fact, I thought it was so fun I wanted Claudia to make one using that fabric line in chickens so we ordered the chickens. I can’t wait to see what she comes up with. Her peacock hexagon came out stunning. I’ll post a picture of that when she sends it to me.

The flamingo is my hexagon and border. The chicken stripes will be Claudia’s hexagons and the coordinating yellow her border. Can’t wat to see these.