Tumbling Block – Part 8

Here are my cubes all cut up in the bottom photo and laid out on my bed in the top photo.  You can move the colors around till you come up with what pleases you.   I will be posting later how to cut the black pieces for the edges and how to sew the cubes together.   You will be sewing them in half cube rows going from the top to the bottom.

Once laid out make sure to pick up each row exactly the same and pin them together. Make sure to mark whether you started with the bottom or top piece at the beginning of your pile for reference when sewing them together. final layout

hexagons cut



Tumbling Blocks Part 7

We are now cutting the cubes using the medium/light angle strips.   As you lay them out notice the top green now angles off to the right.  This has to be correct to get the proper shape for your cube.

Once lined up correctly use the ruler again along the 4.5 inch line and your seam to cut the angles as you did on the dark strips.   NOTE:  Your ruler is upside down for this cut.  See photos below.  The hard part is done.  You’re now ready to lay out the cubes and move them around till you get the shading you like.

light angle cut 3

light angle cut

Tumbling Blocks Part 6

Next we will cut the medium/light strips sets – please note they are a different angle so read and check photos before cutting. Notice the colors are similar but the outside green is lighter than the prior post.  This is my medium strip set.

Here is the photo to make your initial angle on the medium strips.  You will then make your angled cuts.   Notice on photo that the ruler and corner piece is cut from the top this time, not the bottom of the strip.  It matters. 

You will line up the 2.5 inch mark on ruler as with the dark and cut along the far left hand edge of the ruler to create an angle on the top left corner.  Then the angled strips will be cut 2.5 as well, just like the dark.

light initial cut

Tumbling Blocks Part 5

We are still working on the dark color strip sets.

Once you’ve cut all your angles pieces we need to cut them into hexagons (or half of your cube).

Place your strips so that the top dark piece angles off to the left.  Place your ruler so that the 4.5 in line is even with your bottom seam as shown in picture.   If your bottom edge of the ruler is touching the edge of the fabric you should be able to cut exactly from one corner of middle fabric to the other.    Make sure your angle matches the bottom and middle photo before you cut.

When you have cut the piece it should look like the top photo.  If so, proceed to cut all dark/light strip sets the same angle.

dark hex finished.  

dark angle cut 2

dark angle cut 1

Tumbling Blocks Part 4

Once you’ve sewn all your strips you can begin cutting your cube shapes from each set of colors.  Please note – my photos are shown left handed. 

Lets start with the dark strips.  You have to make an initial angle so the strips will all come out angled the same direction.  Place the 60 degree ruler downward with the 2.5 inch line along the bottom seam and cut as close to the left edge as possible but not going off the edge. (see bottom photo photo).

Now that you have an angle to work with carefully cut strips measuring 2.5 inches wide – you should be able to get 9 + cuts on each color. (See top photo)

dark hexagon cuts 2


initial cut dark

Tumbling Block Part 3

Once you’ve cut your 7 sets of strips, you’re ready to begin sewing your strip sets.  You will be sewing dark sets and medium sets.

Sew one light strip between 2 dark strips and sew one light strip between 2 medium strips of the same color family.  The light will always be in the middle and will be the same fabric on the dark and medium strip sets.

Below are my purple set and my green set.   Notice both purple strips have the same center fabric as do the green.  This makes the top of your cubes.

Tumbling Block Part 2

You will cut your fabrics as follows:

each light fabric – cut one 3 inch strips the width of fabric  (I used 2 strips to make larger)

each dark fabric – cut two 2.5 inch strips the width of fabric (I used 4 strips but you need a smidge over 1/4 yard)

each medium fabric – cut two 2.5 in strips the width of fabric (I used 4 also but again you need a smidge over 1/4 yard)

Here is a picture of my cut strips using the light, medium and dark purple.  You can cut the strips in half if you prefer to work with shorter lengths.  I found it just made life easier.

cut ctrips

Tumbling Block part 1

You will need:

1/4 yard each of 7 light fabrics  –  1/4 yard each of 7 medium fabrics  – 1/4 yard each of 7 dark fabrics.

To make it more coordinated I picked 7 colors then used a 4th yard of each shade.  For example I used a dark, medium and light blue, dark, medium and light green, etc.  I have used the purple and green colors for my samples.

If you buy a half yard you can make a much larger quilt.  Mine covered the top of my queen mattress prior to the borders using only 4 inches more of each than the quarter yard.


A Tumbling Block Tutorial

I bought the fabrics for the tumbling block quilt and the pattern book well over a year ago and I’ve laid it aside because her instructions were so confusing.  I think most of it was just how she worded things.  After making my initial cuts and nothing lining up, I read thru the entire book and couldn’t believe she gives you so much info after the pattern. When paying $30 for a pattern I don’t expect to read half way thru book “I didn’t bother with left handed instructions, turn book upside down”.  Well how about mentioning that in the beginning before I ruined half my fabric.

My solution – here is a tutorial for the tumbling block quilt for left handed people.   Since blocks post newest to oldest you’ll have to scroll to the first then back up but I’ll number the post.  So here goes with photos and all.