Ever get tired of helping people?

I know as Christians we are supposed to help people when we can, but at some point is it ok to say no?   I don’t mind helping people in general but when someone always seems to need a place to stay for a while it just invades my life.  My home is supposed to be where I come for peace of mind, solace, etc. but instead it’s complaining about the dogs, telling me how they know more about everything, how I need to do this or that all over again.  I find I let myself be bullied in my own home because I hate listening to yelling and complaining.  It causes me so much stress.   I’m back to I’d rather work late than go home to my pups.    I’ve got to learn the word NO.



Shannon got one of this and liked it so when I saw it was offered at a discount for an honest review I thought I’d try it.  I love it.  The phone fits in so nicely yet you don’t have to be the hulk to get it back out.  It looks very well made and even has a wrist strap.  I’ll definitely get her this better made one.  Great product.






Well no matter how I try I either get to the gym too late or too early.  When you’re in a small town it might not be a good idea to join the Y.  Tried for the 5th time and can’t even get a parking place going before 7:30.  Talked to my RA doc and it’s a weight bench and weights and I can do almost everything he taught me at home.   Now to get that bench, weights and a scale.   Also gives me time to finally teach the pups to walk on a leash.  I realized since I’ve owned them it’s been our busiest season.   They need some outside the yard time.


I haven’t posted pictures of all the new plants Jerry & Linda put in for me because I need to get them all mulched, trimmed etc.  Once it’s done and looks nice I’ll post those.   I did get started on the driveway.   So tired of it being all mud when it rains and having to mulch every year.  This year I decided to do the limestone or what they call 57 stone.   Thanks to son-in-law and neighbor it all got shoveled in one night.  Pictures are kinda dark when we finished.   Still have some leftover to shovel into the flower beds.