Prayers For My Sister and Brother in Law

If you follow my blog and are a prayer warrior, please add my sweet sister Jill and her hubby Mark to your prayer list. They both have Covid pneumonia and while Mark is getting better, Jill needs some heavy duty prayers. We are hoping she is well enough to come home soon where she can get some personalized care and some family love.

I Finally Did It

About 15 years ago a friend invited me to learn quilting with a group of ladies at our church, Landmark Baptist. They were all making theirs by hand. I finished about half of it and decided that just wasn’t for me. A few months later I attended a quilt show just as something to do on a Saturday. While I was there I saw a mariner’s compass quilt and a lone star quilt. At the time I remember thinking, if I could make something like that I would quilt.

I decided to see if I could teach myself to quilt with a sewing machine. This was way before online videos and classes. I ran across an online community board of quilters and met a lady in Kansas. She helped me via emails and I began quilting. She even encouraged me to learn to quilt them myself rather than tie them.

Since them I have tried to pass along her knowledge and teach other people to quilt. The first person I ever taught was my mom. 15+ years later I am still quilting, still teaching and finally made that mariners compass. I even found a pattern that incorporated that compass into my favorite bargello style quilts.

I had decided to keep this but a new student in my class is starting a series of eye surgeries this week and fell in love with it. I realized it will bring her a lot more joy than it will me. While I love making quilts, to me they are just fabric. I can make another. I am bound to do that lone star before the year is over.

I Wanted Funky

I had this funky Tula Pink fabric called Homemade and wanted something unique out of it. I decided to try the 3 Dude’s pattern and added a Tula pink polka dot for the solid. And I will tell you, if funky is what I wanted, funky is what I got. It is certainly colorful and unique.

And, it is true everyone loves something different. This one will live with my dear friend Kenetha. She fell in love. She said it reminds her of the kaleidiscope things you looked thru as a child and turned it to make lots of colors. It certainly has lots of colors. I do love the crinkle look you get once you wash them. It gives quilts that awesome vintage look.