I Feel Whole Again

Ever have that one item you use so much and think you can’t do without.  Mine was always my Nu Wave oven.  Crazy as it sounds I have had one for about 15+ years and use it 3 or more times a week.  A few months back I bought the Nu Wave Bravo which is a nice replacement for my air fryer and using my large oven.  So, when my NuWave cracked I tossed it out and figured why order another as I have the Bravo.

That lasted about 2 months now and it just isn’t the same.  Maybe if I figured out all the functions and all the features but I still miss my original NuWave Pro.   There is nothing like coming home and frozen or no, you can pop it your dinner and it cooks.  I can’t think of anything you really can’t cook in a Pro.  Needless to say, I decided to replace it.  Checking out Ebay was an excellent idea as they go for about half the regular price for brand new ones.

Not only did I get a new unopened box but I got it about less than the regular website and it’s the sexy red one.  That’s my sister’s word, sexy but it describes it so well.  She fits right in with the rest of the kitchen.  She even included silicone cup cake cups and a nice 8 inch silicone baking pan.

I pulled out some chicken, marinated it and fired it up.  I feel whole again.  Doesn’t take a lot to make me happy.


Finally Finished My Silk Throw

This is some of the first quilt shop fabric I ever purchased.  Back 15+ years ago it was extremely expensive, at least to me.  It came in a little metal can and was $99 for 15 fat quarters.  I was so excited by the colors.  However that weekend I took it to a quilt guild meeting and was heartbroken.

Every women there told me oh that’s silk you will hate it, you have to fuse interfacing to the back of it and it still stretches, it ravels, etc.  I was so disappointed and knew I’d never do all that for something that would look terrible.  I ended up packing the box away.  That little metal container has moved with me twice and I always pack it in a closet.

Well this month I moved something and there it was.  I decided it was time to sew it or toss it.  Nowadays it’s pretty standard to spend $100 on the fabric for a quilt but back then it was a lot of money so I decided to sew it.  Oh I will not lie, it was a pain to work with and the raveling was on everything I owned, but I got the top put together.  Next up was researching how much dupoin silk shrinks compared to cotton.  Not much info so I decided to order a silk backing as well.  I then ended up ordering silk thread and a silk/bamboo blend batting.  I even soaked the top careful in cold water to see if it shrank.  It didn’t but Lord the wrinkles.  I must have pressed it 10 times to get it normal again.

So here she is, 15+ years later.  I wish it was a better picture.  My camera seems to weird out on the silk with the flash.  A friend took a better picture of the ladies basting it for me so I will include that also.  The ladies are my friends Marilyn and Pam.

I am so glad I didn’t toss it.  I did use a cotton border so I hope that works out but I’ll stick to washing by hand so hopefully it won’t be an issue.  The colors are such vibrant oranges, browns and fushia and the back is a really pretty chocolate silk.  I really do love it.   The picture with the ladies shows the colors much better.