I’m Swapping Them Out Again

Sewing machines are like baseball cards to me.  You get one and enjoy it till another one you want comes along, then trade it.  So my featherweight goes off to her new home tomorrow and my embroidery machine came home yesterday.

I think this design will be my new quilt logo.


I Hope She Comes to Love It

Over the years I can proudly say I have taught 19 people to quilt.  Most have gone on to continue quilting and hopefully enjoying it.   None brought me greater joy than to begin teaching my sister Jill.  To see her find something that brings not only creativity but happiness into her life is just so heartwarming to me.  I can’t wait to see all  the great things she creates.

I almost burst waiting to give her the early Christmas present.  I thought if she had a small, lightweight machine maybe we could encourage her to get out and try some quilt classes, meet some quilters.  We all know most quilters are amazing people.  So, since we celebrate Christmas when we meet, I gifted Jill a 1950 Featherweight.  I understand she has been named Queenie.

I couldn’t believe how quickly she picked up the process.  I took along a quilt kit and with just 2 days of sewing during vacation, she had all the blocks made for her top and took it home ready to be pieced together.  It’s always fun to see quilters learn but it was a joy to watch her begin.   Not only has she finished her top but she is now working on quilting it herself.  I didn’t have the nerve to try that for at least a year.  I am always so impressed by not only her ambition but her joy and zest for every day life.  I wish I wasn’t to old to grow up just like her.

I wish I’d gotten a picture of Mark with his new sheet music and watch.  Well I should say vintage.  Hope he enjoys his Fender watch.  It’s what every guitar player should own.

Just Love These Two

We met for our annual Georgia vacation last month and had such an amazing time.  I will admit the road in and out was enough to give you a heart attack but the company was so awesome you forget all about it.

I just love these two and can’t imagine what my life would be like if they hadn’t found me.  Talk about an awesome blessing.   We had some small trips into to town and Jill treated me to an amazing day at the spa.  Facials, massages, body scrubs, manicures, pedicures.  It was wonderful but I really loved the quiet times we got to spend just enjoying being together.  I such wish they lived closer.   I believe next trip planned is Texas or Alabama