Veterans Day

I asked our pastor if the church could gift the oldest man and women veteran in our church a quilt for the veterans day service.   Robert made one top and I made one and quilted them both.   I think they came out very nice and hope they will get handed out.    Hoping to wash and deliver to church this Sunday.

I Love Bargello Quilts

This was my first attempt at making a round quilt.  The way the pattern is cut you end up actually getting 2 identical quilts from the same fabric.  I gifted one to a wonderful lady in our monthly craft group since she loved green.  The other will go to my amazing sister Jill.   She has this awesome large round table in her living room so I added a little red to the center so it tied into her red sofa as well.    The orange is just a background fabric, not part of the quilt.

Now that I see making a round one wasn’t that hard, I’ll eventually try my hand at that phoenix pattern I have.