Now My Most Cherished Belonging

I can’t even begin to tell you how much this quilt means to me. I have known some of the ladies in my online quilt group longer than I can remember. I can’t begin to express to them how special this quilt is. The got together and each made a block then Sue in Michigan assembled them all into a quilt in honor of my sister Jill. Tonia even made a block using fabric Jill had bought for me.

I tend to swap out my quilts hanging in my living room every year or so but I think this will be hanging a very long time on the main wall. One day I may move it to a bedroom wall but only because it will get less sun and therefore lower then chance of it getting faded. I may even request it be cremated with me as I don’t think it will ever be as important to me as to someone else. I hope she can see it from heaven and know how many people she touched in the few short years she was here.

Dogs Just Wanna Have Fun

Dogs just love being goofy, well unless you are Merlin. He is quite the dignified little pomeranian and acts like it. Tonia bought the boys pajama’s for Christmas and believe it or not, we actually got a few days cold enough to wear them. Doesn’t happen that often. Baby dog and Argus love wearing them but Merlin gives you a look Mark describes perfectly. That look says “I will pee on your bed later”. I think they look adorable but then I think they are super handsome without clothes as well. Baby dog was a little too round for his so Tonia had to go back and get him another pair. Ok yes, I mean fat but he prefers being called muscular. That dog is like picking up a 20 pound brick, solid all over.


Baby Dog


Hard To Believe I Forget To Update Here

I can’t believe I haven’t posted anything since Mark came to visit. But then again, other than quilting, I have a pretty quiet life. Since my sister passed away I really have had a hard time trying to get back into the swing of quilting. I have mostly been quilting tops for the ladies in my local quilt class.

I’ll get a few more pictures but these are the most recent ones finished by Pam, Marilyn and Tonia. Pam made the red and white log cabin for a gift, Marilyn made the blue disappearing nine patch for her church pastor and Tonia made a batik log cabin.. I know they will both be loved. They came out great.

A Nice Visit With Mark

It was so nice to have Mark come visit for Thanksgiving. We didn’t do much more then relax, eat and visit with people but sometimes that’s what life calls for. I did get a great pic of Mark chilling with Merlin and the Thanksgiving table covered with BBQ. Shannon and Robert did most of the work this year and I am not complaining. It was salmon, chicken, pork, tenderloin and ribs all on the new smoker.

Still A Work In Progress

I don’t come here to write as often as I’d like and I miss updating my sexy sister of what was going on in Florida. But in the spirit of blogs, I think I will keep updating as something exciting happens. Or in my life, more like something vaguely exciting.

After years of trying different ideas and spending money on idea after idea, my backyard is still a work in progress. I will admit the friend that wanted to paint my desk missed all the inside edges but at least it has a water coating on it. After that, I decided it was much nicer to have the grills where I could step outside and cook so I rearranged. The grills are now right outside the kitchen door and the smoking area has been moved across the yard. It is still a work in progress. Soon as we have time we’ll be adding a railing around half the deck so the bench and plants can’t slide off the edge.

With the hot tub gone, I now have an area for a fire pit and some chillin chairs under the pergola. Client gifted me an amazon card for Christmas so new chairs it is. Still have to pressure wash the pavers but I have the lounge chairs in the back and a fire pit area in the front also. Other than some plants eventually, I think I’ve run out of yard ideas.

Here are pictures of the grill deck, smoking area, lounge chairs and front seating area.

No Buying Fabric Doesn’t Mean No New Fabric

Once more I am going to try and go one year without buying any unnecessary fabric. I will be limiting myself to backing or 1 small piece that will be used to finish something else. Yes I know what you’re saying. Didn’t she say this before? Yes and so far I have never succeeded. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try again, or again and again.

However, I have discovered a way that I might get fabric and keep my no buy. There is an Etsy shop I buy fabric from on a regular basis and I got to talking to them about ways to boost sales. They carry a lot of one designer line and I suggested they offer kits for patterns when the new books come out. This week after posting my new quilt on that designers Facebook page and getting over 900 comments, I contacted her about a new fabric to make a teaching video. She mentioned she had never seen a stack n whack like I made and was going to ask the lady that makes her samples to do one. Apparently the lady told her no because they were too difficult. I thought that was crazy so I offered to make her one.

She insisted she pay for my work so we decided to trade in fabric. If I make her a sample she will pay me with enough fabric to make one as well. Sounds like a game plan and I get fabric without buying it. Can’t wait till she decides what fabric she wants me to use first.

I Finally Finished One Of My Own

I finally got time to sit and bind one of my tops. Luckily I think I only have 2 more left to finish and they are waiting for a friend to baste them. I feel like I’ve become addicted to making stack n whack quilts. I know they are simple but I love seeing what they turn out to be. Funny my sister used to tell me I had a form of ADHD. She said they thrill for me was seeing what it turned out to be and then I’m ready to move on. I think she was right. I get the blocks done, know what it will look like, then force myself to finish them. But I always do even if I don’t like them. Fabric is too expensive, especially after all the Covid crap.

This one really turned out to be one of my favorites. I ordered the fabric and when it came I was a little disappointed as I thought it should have been more vibrant but it worked well. I tried 3 different backgrounds and nothing thrilled me. I kept telling my sister I couldn’t decide because sometimes I thought it would be better black, sometimes I thought it’s be better brown but never found the right brown. She found me this black with bronze swirl and WOW. It was simply perfect.

It’s made using Philip Jacobs agate in green colorway and QT bronze swirl fabric. I love it with the new sofa. No one will ever comment my rooms need more color. I hate being blah.

My Quilt Students

I’m not sure a few of them can technically be considered students anymore as they have become excellent quilters.

Pam is working on her hexagon quilt which is coming out amazing. Marilyn is currently going crazy as she’s had family staying for a month and hasn’t been able to use her sewing room. Luckily she is back at it this week. Tonia is busting them out like crazy. She’s made a couple of Christmas tree skirts she sold and just finished 3 star wars panels she has sold as well.

Claudia, Marie and Angela our my newest quilters. Marie and Angela have finished their first quilt and I just finished quilting 3 tops for Claudia. Some day I may have enough time to sew something of my own. I have a new 81 year old beginner quilter named Ann. She has wanted to learn so with Mark’s ok, I gifted her my sister Jill’s babylock sewing machine. It was a joy to see how much she liked it and I know Jilly would love knowing we created another quilter with it.

Here are some pictures of Pam’s, Tonia’s and Angela’s. Once the others are finished I’ll share pictures.

More Changes Outside

I love the decks on the back of the house so much better than opening the door and stepping onto dirt because no grass will grow. So with the help of my son in law (more like he did it and I helped) we pulled out the old deck and replaced it. Once the pressure treatment on the wood is dry, we’ll add a few coats of waterproofing. Next up will be to pressure wash all the pavers, stain the older grill deck and possibly paint it. Heck maybe even paint the outside furniture. Then we’ll set up our Blackstone cooking and fire pit area with seating.

Changes At The House

I realized it was time to do some updating at the homestead. Eventually I may do some remodeling but for now it’s just furniture and rearranging. I bought a new living set then moved the chaise from the guest room to the living room. I have a friend staying in the guest room for probably quite a while, so we tried to make it more comfortable for everyone. We got her a really nice sewing table and set her up a sewing area in her room. This way we also have a dining room to use again. I thought with all that has gone on, plans have changed and I will likely be living here for quite some time so might as well bring it up to date. Figured I better leave the printer. With all this Covid crap I never know when we might have to work from home again and that’s my temp office when we do.

Here is the new living room furniture and the dining room has a new cabinet and the chairs are back. I was going to paint the 2 rooms this month but decided they can wait till after the holidays. Next up change the vertical blinds for curtains. I have hated those blinds since I bought the house. I think I will paint the living room coral.