Love How This Came Out

Here is another I won’t have a completed photo for. I have been wanting to make this version of a log cabin for a long time and I finally did. I used a couple of KF design rolls in oranges, yellows, reds, etc and mixed in a simple off white. I wasn’t sure if I would keep this one or not. I love it but I seem to be keeping a lot of them lately.

The problem solved itself. I dropped it off for a friend to baste for me and her sister asked to buy it before I even basted or quilted it. I hope Diane loves it. I really liked how this one turned out. I think it’s for her granddaughter.

The Wedding Quilts

I have been gone from my blog a while but it seems like about all I have to write about are the quilts I make. That’s ok though. I enjoy being at home and I enjoy making quilts, so it works perfectly for me.

My bosses daughter decided to get married right after the April tax deadline so I had to put everything on hold and make her a wedding quilt. She wanted something much more modern than her sister and choose the bargello pattern. Since she didn’t want bed size I made her 2 matching sofa quilts. I was wondering how it would look as she said she doesn’t like a lot of color then choose navy, grey and said maybe some green but nothing bright. That is so not me but I think they came out quite clean and classic looking. I forgot to get another picture after adding the borders and quilting them.

My Latest Octagon

In case I haven’t mentioned it, lol, I am addicted to making octagon and 4 patch posey quilts. I absolutely love taking a fabric and finding out what it’s going to turn into. I think if I let myself, I’d make them all the time. But, I do have others on my “to-do” list also.

This is my latest octagon. Everyone said the fabric wouldn’t work, wasn’t enough background, etc. Well I’m gonna put it out there, this may be my favorite of all time. In fact I have hung it front and center on my living room wall. It’s 100 octagons and I love looking how unique each came out. The teal squares were a last minute addition and wow am I glad I added them. I don’t mean to sound like I’m bragging but LOVE this quilt. I didn’t take a picture of the back but it’s a very pretty teal and I quilted it just going around the blade of each octagon with squiggly lines. Should have reminded myself before I started it meant going around 800 blades.

My Herd

I love sharing pictures of my pets. I really do love them just as much as most people I know. They are all so unique in their behavior and you can’t help but love them.

Argus got a hair cut this weekend and was his usual butthead self and fought the groomer all the time. He even shoved her clippers on the floor and broke them but at least he had a hair cut. I always wondered why people get long haired dogs then cut it short but he enjoys having short hair. He scratches himself terrible once it gets long and pulls patches of hair out of his mane. Of course it cooled off immediately when he got a hair cut but he loves wearing his t-shirt. He is such a goof ball but he is the protector of the pack. Don’t mess with the rest of them or he is up in your face. He even barks like crazy when I give the others a bath. He matches the rug so nicely.

Then we have Lothar (aka Baby Dog). Well he is simply a doll. He has a dwarfism gene that will keep him mentally a puppy his whole life and you’d never know. He has learned so much easier then the others without ever being shown tricks. He loves to ring the bells hanging on the door to go outside but Lord forbid you don’t hear it cause he will slam them into the door till you come let him out. He would gladly live in the yard if you’d let him. We were playing Silence of the Pomeranians with a hair tie. He is secure in his manhood and doesn’t mind that pink shirt at all. Funny with just a hair tie to hold them in place they can wear Shannon’s tshits.

Then there is Merlin. He is a whole personality himself and a very strange little dog. He loves people and attention but he is also very much a loner. I think he’d be just a happy living with a little old person that would just hold him all day. He and baby are on a constant battle to decide who is the alpha dog. It’s hard to look how different they are and remind yourself they aren’t human. Most people never realize they are all siblings and have the same parents because they are so different. Merlin will have nothing to do with the tshirts.

Then we have Kiljeadean, aka Killy. She lived here first and makes that very clear to them. She doesn’t interact with the dogs much but I think in secret she likes Merlin. She lets him nuzzle her face sometimes and likes to sleep on his pillow when he gets up. She rules the animal kingdom in our house.

I Seem to Forget

It seems like I often forget to add to my blog. It’s more than likely that I don’t have much to blog about except quilting and let’s face it, that can get boring to the average person. Between work, cleaning the house, cooking, taking care of dogs, etc. I don’t leave a lot of free time for much else. But, I’m ok with that as I’m pretty much a home-body. I enjoy being home and relaxing or creating quilts.

Here are a couple I just finished in 2021. This first one is in my closet till it finds a place to be donated. A need always comes along eventually. I made it using a solid ivory and an asian them jelly roll. I really love how it came out.

This next one is one I’m giving to the client that gave me their aunts 1960 White sewing machine. I wanted to say thank you with something personal that shows I appreciate the gift of something that belonged to family. The machine is beautiful and I hope she enjoys the quilt. I’m not really that into florals but she’s very feminine and I thought she’d like it.

Not Loving It But Someone Will

This isn’t one of my planned 2021 quilts but it is one I finally finished. The pattern is one from a Debbie Maddy book called Fantasy Stars. I’m not in love with the quilt but someone will enjoy it.

I cut this for a neighbor that wanted to learn to quilt. She lasted about as long as it took me to cut then she wasn’t interested anymore. No use wasting fabric, so I finally pieced the top and just got the quilting and binding done this week. The white centers don’t stand out in person near as much as they do in the pictures. They are actually a light cream color. It’s really pretty Christmas colors so eventually I will gift it to someone that will love it.

I have another one ready for binding and this one is on the machine to quilt. It may turn out to be my favorite quilt I’ve made so far.

I Have To Brag

I have to brag a little on my local quilt ladies. I was really impressed what they have been able to accomplish with so few lessons. I have taught a lot of people how to quilt over the last 10 plus years but it really is very rewarding and fulfilling to teach people who sincerely want to learn, and seem to be ones that will stick with it. The more people I teach, the more the craft continues and the more people that learn, makes the world a little brighter one quilt at a time.

The is the most recent one Pam has done For only a few beginner quilts under her belt her octagons and posey blocks came out great. I know she was so proud to see how nice it looked finished. She put so much effort into this and it shows. I think she’s about half way done with her next one. I’m truly impressed with how much she has learned.

Marilyn is another one of my wonderful students. I was worried as she is a perfectionist but she is so eager to be perfect that it shows in all her quilts. She has made a couple beginner quilts but her goal of making them all as perfect as she can certainly shows in this 4 patch posey she made. The sashing colors are perfect.

This is my newest quilter Tonia. She started off with a jelly roll race to learn her 1/4 quarter inch seam and I’ll post her top soon as we get it quilted. She’s already off on her next project. Her daughter wants a black and white quilt so she’s making her a sting quilt using those colors. I feel like Dr. Frankenstein only I’m creating quilters instead of monsters. Hmmmm might be closer to that than I think lol. Here she is working on her first one.

This is the pattern they want to start learning tomorrow. I think they’re planning on leaving one seam open and using as tree skirts. Mine worked out perfectly left round as my sister has a large round coffee table.

Starting Number 2 of My 2021 Projects

I can’t say I’ve been up to much except working and taking care of the house and yard. I did have a spazzy last few days as my long arm died, and trying to get the correct parts at the correct price proved to be a major headache. I have one part on order and if it doesn’t work, at least I know what else I need and where to get it.

I did get to start on the 2nd project I had planned for 2021. It’s a new bargello I haven’t done before. I opened the pattern to find while it’s made in a bargello style, you make numerous small bargello blocks and place them around the center. That center will be a challenge to me also. I’m not a huge fan of blue but since I hadn’t made this one before, I used most of the colors it called for. Not knowing exactly where each color would fall I wasn’t sure what I wanted to change Next time around I’ll be familiar with the pattern and can chose colors more my liking. It should be pretty but I will admit the pattern itself is a bit confusing. But that’s the purpose of 2021. My goal was to take no request, no deadlines, etc. and learn new techniques. I finished up the scrappy snail log cabin and I think I learned a lot about getting each piece to lay straight. I feel like I accomplished the log cabin for 2021. It may be a simple pattern but getting it exact has been a struggle for me in the past.

Here is the new one I’m just starting. As you can see if only got as far as cutting the initial strips.

Working In My Own Little World

A couple of weeks ago one of the partners in our firm was exposed to Covid. Unfortunately without telling use he decided to come in one more day and meet with another partner, my boss. Both have now been home sick since January. I try not to be a germophobe but it bothers me how many people think only of themselves.

So, after having the office professionally sanitized and the staff all testing negative we are back at work. I decided you just never know so I’ve used the extra space in my office and made my own little break area. I feel like I work in my own world.

I’ve got my NuWave oven so I can literally bake or air fry anything you can at home. I’ve added an electric kettle that boils water for anything you want. I boil water then heat my veggies with it. I’ve used it for oatmeal instead of using the community microwave. And best of all I bought my own tea picture and I use it to make fresh ice tea. I’ve gone as far as to purchase my own insulated bottles and bring my coffee from home have my own coffee station in my office. I have my own cups and bring my own ice from home. Excessive, probably.

I have to say I rather enjoy living in my own little world here. I don’t have to leave except to talk to a client or use the bathroom which is bleach wiped throughout the day. Ok I might be a germaphobe after all. Waiting on boss to ok my own mini fridge but till then I bring everything in an insulated bag to avoid the community fridge.

And before you ask, YES I have my own personal popcorn machine. What good is an office without popcorn.

Love that sexy green bottle. A gift from my dear friend Marilyn.

That sexy bottle from my sister holds enough coffee for the day and keeps it steaming hot.

Have a blessed day and be safe my friends.

Upcoming Quilts

These are a few of the quilts I want to do for 2021, the year of Vicky, aka, Queen V. This will likely be a long post.

This is a log cabin version I’ve wanted to make for a very long time. I’m using an off white, Kaffe design roll and a bunch of Kaffe leftovers. I’m not loving it so far, but I hope once the borders are made and I piece together the whole thing I will like it more. It totals 1804 pieces and I still have 190 pieced strips to make for the border before I can assemble it.

This is one using my crazy curved templates. I made one in 2008 and it was a hot mess. 10 plus years later I hope to do a better job. I used 2 different fabric lines from Tula Pink. The more I made, the less I liked the blocks and the quilt as a whole. Then, I woke up in the middle of the night and thought what if I added some black. Yes quilts sometimes create themselves in my mind while I sleep. Here is the result and I am really liking it so far. Once I finish the log cabin, I’ll finish up these blocks. I hope it comes out as cool as it is in my mind.

Once I get those 2 completed I have a bargello I wanted to make. It also lets me practice on a mariner’s compass before I embark on a huge one I want to make. I bought this as a kit and while I haven’t seen anyone else make one, I still don’t like that all of them are identical colors. I also need a pop of color in all my quilts so I’ll be changing out at least one color from the ones in the picture so I get that zing I’m looking for. I’m eager to see what it becomes.

After that I may start the lone star. It was one of 2 quilts I saw that made me want to learn quilting. This is a simple pattern, so I’m told, but once I know I can do this I will likely make another. I likely won’t use that border idea cause it’s not speaking to me. I’m glad I made the 2 diamond quilts last year as I just wasn’t sure I understood how they have to line up when piecing. I bought the jelly roll recommend in this pattern so it will look close but I’m still debating the background color.

Next up will likely be this paper pieced one. I’m trying to go back and forth between different techniques so I learn to do them more accurately. I bought some unique colors for this one. Again you hope the finished one is as cool as it is in my head but it doesn’t always work out that way. I bought a multicolored blue for the background then wanted the stars to look like they exploded out from the center. I bought 2 colors of silver with black trim for the center star then off to one side I want to “burst” from yellow to orange and off to the other side from blues to greens. It wouldn’t be the first quilt to look better in my head but I guess we’ll know once it’s done.

I think after this I’ll give my brain a rest and make one called Simply Squares. It looks easy enough but it also looks like every seem will need to be exact. I bought jelly rolls for this as it recommended so I’d understand the color placement then I can remake using different colors.

I haven’t decided after that if it will be another bargello or another log cabin type quilt. While bargello’s are easy because you’re just placing strips, it does take some effort to make sure you choose the right colors to make them stand out. I haven’t decided on any colors for this one yet. I need to check fabrics I bought for another quilt as I think I’ll have leftovers and wonder if it would work for this one. The second one is a diamond log cabin. If I have enough, I want to use a bunch of blues I bought in Michigan last year. The log cabin looks a bit challenging so I hope I can understand it enough to not only make it, but get the colors placed right so it works out like it should.

This is the last quilt in my 2021 line up, or at least planned ones I want to do weighs heavy on my mind. I really do think it is likely way above my skill level and since it uses a LOT of fabric, I worry if I’ll be wasting it. My fear isn’t each piece but fitting them all together once I am done. 15 plus years ago I thought wow I would love to be able to make a mariner’s compass quilt. That started my quilting journey but I have never even tried it until now because it looked hard and like it would take a long time. Well 3-400+ quilts later and it’s time. I was so fixed on finding a mariner’s pattern I really liked, that I failed to notice all the flying geese. They are the bane of my quilting world. I don’t make them well which makes me dislike making them. But sometimes you just gotta go all in, so 2021 here we go. Well I guess I better not date it. I’ve never seen one someone made. A lot said they bought it but were too intimidated to start it so who knows I might still be here years later working on it. I purchased a lot of different batiks for the compass and geese and I bought white and hunter for the background as I was undecided which I wanted. I have a hard time lately sewing dark colors but not sure I want that much white in a quilt. Too boring for me.

Those are hopefully my 2021 line up. I still have hundreds of quilts playing around in my head and I know 2021 will likely include a couple of octagon quilts as well as I love making them. Well it goes beyond love. I think I’m actually addicted to making octagon and 4 patch poseys. I want to cut all my fabric into them and see how they come out.

So if you’re so inclined, let me know what you have planned for 2021. Have a blessed day.