Wow I’ve Been Absent Again

I usually forget to come back and update my blog but then again, my life isn’t overly exciting and there isn’t usually a lot going on. So what’s happened or what have I gotten done since last here, hmmmm?

I did finish a few quilts I can share. These 2 were for the doctors at the veterinary clinic my daughter works for. Dr. Ertel is a Vietnam vet so I made him a Bento box quilt using red, white and blue fabrics with a red/white swirled backing. I think it came out really nice.

The second one posted is for Dr. Brainard. He loves bright, colors. In fact he and my daughter have an on-going sock contest to see who has the most colorful or weirdest socks. The pattern I made him is called Under the Stars and has a ton of different colored batiks with a purple backing. He loved it. In fact he sent me a very nice thank you card. Luckily I wash all the quilts before they are delivered because as you can see once again Argus photo bombed me.

I Feel Whole Again

Ever have that one item you use so much and think you can’t do without.  Mine was always my Nu Wave oven.  Crazy as it sounds I have had one for about 15+ years and use it 3 or more times a week.  A few months back I bought the Nu Wave Bravo which is a nice replacement for my air fryer and using my large oven.  So, when my NuWave cracked I tossed it out and figured why order another as I have the Bravo.

That lasted about 2 months now and it just isn’t the same.  Maybe if I figured out all the functions and all the features but I still miss my original NuWave Pro.   There is nothing like coming home and frozen or no, you can pop it your dinner and it cooks.  I can’t think of anything you really can’t cook in a Pro.  Needless to say, I decided to replace it.  Checking out Ebay was an excellent idea as they go for about half the regular price for brand new ones.

Not only did I get a new unopened box but I got it about less than the regular website and it’s the sexy red one.  That’s my sister’s word, sexy but it describes it so well.  She fits right in with the rest of the kitchen.  She even included silicone cup cake cups and a nice 8 inch silicone baking pan.

I pulled out some chicken, marinated it and fired it up.  I feel whole again.  Doesn’t take a lot to make me happy.

Finally Finished My Silk Throw

This is some of the first quilt shop fabric I ever purchased.  Back 15+ years ago it was extremely expensive, at least to me.  It came in a little metal can and was $99 for 15 fat quarters.  I was so excited by the colors.  However that weekend I took it to a quilt guild meeting and was heartbroken.

Every women there told me oh that’s silk you will hate it, you have to fuse interfacing to the back of it and it still stretches, it ravels, etc.  I was so disappointed and knew I’d never do all that for something that would look terrible.  I ended up packing the box away.  That little metal container has moved with me twice and I always pack it in a closet.

Well this month I moved something and there it was.  I decided it was time to sew it or toss it.  Nowadays it’s pretty standard to spend $100 on the fabric for a quilt but back then it was a lot of money so I decided to sew it.  Oh I will not lie, it was a pain to work with and the raveling was on everything I owned, but I got the top put together.  Next up was researching how much dupoin silk shrinks compared to cotton.  Not much info so I decided to order a silk backing as well.  I then ended up ordering silk thread and a silk/bamboo blend batting.  I even soaked the top careful in cold water to see if it shrank.  It didn’t but Lord the wrinkles.  I must have pressed it 10 times to get it normal again.

So here she is, 15+ years later.  I wish it was a better picture.  My camera seems to weird out on the silk with the flash.  A friend took a better picture of the ladies basting it for me so I will include that also.  The ladies are my friends Marilyn and Pam.

I am so glad I didn’t toss it.  I did use a cotton border so I hope that works out but I’ll stick to washing by hand so hopefully it won’t be an issue.  The colors are such vibrant oranges, browns and fushia and the back is a really pretty chocolate silk.  I really do love it.   The picture with the ladies shows the colors much better.


White 659 Sewing Machine

Writers Note Added:     After some research from Juki I found the machine was likely made in the mid to late 50’s not the early 1960’s as I stated.  It was made bu Juki for White.   Her threading system was invented by Juki in 1954 and is termed a rotary needle thread take-up system. 

After some searching I had to write a little more about the White sewing machine I was gifted.   I have to admit it was the first machine that had me stumped.  I can’t remember how many times I have said to people “they all pretty much thread the same”.  Damn was I wrong.

I played with this machine when I got home from Ohio and she ran so smooth.  I hadn’t even oiled her yet but she didn’t make so much as a squeak.  I was lucky enough to get the manual with the machine so I pulled it out and checked the thread diagram.  Yeah it was a bit different.  Only one I’ve seen that had 12 steps listed to thread it but I got it done.

I guess it wasn’t that simple as she wouldn’t sew.  No matter what I tried.  I changed the needle, changed the bobbin, wound a new bobbin, changed types of thread 3 times and still just knots.   I posted in the vintage White groups but no one had the same machine and they all suggested things I had already done.  Well as I’ve said in the past, you can learn everything you ever need to know on Google.  Problem was, even the manual doesn’t list what model she is.  So after some research of photos I finally found 2 people that actually posted a picture of the same machine although both were years ago.

She is a White 659x.  One video I found only showed you how she looked sewing so that wasn’t helpful but, I finally stumbled across a blog that had the same threading issue and he had located someone that provided him a photo with red lines added explaining the thread path.  Thankfully he included that picture on his blog.  I couldn’t wait to get home and see if that was her issue.  Never have I seen a machine that the thread runs to the front then doubles back over itself and goes to the back.

WOW.   The minute I walked in I fed the dogs and tried to thread the machine.  Magic happened.  She needed a minor tension adjustment but once that was done and she was threaded correctly, she sews like she did brand new and I haven’t even oiled her yet. I am thrilled.

So this weekend she will get a spa day with a nice layer of oil, a new needle, new bobbins, a quarter inch foot and she will be as good as the day she was born.  1960-1961 from what I can find researching her.   For 57-58 years old she is a dream.  SHe even has a knee lever so I can use her when my feet are acting up.

And although I have posted her prior, here she is – – – – – Ms. Barbara.  (named after the original owner)

Next up.  Get that Brother Festival defrosted and try to find a left homed quarter inch foot.



Finally Got One Done

Seems like forever since I had a finished quilt to post.  I have about 9 or 10 waiting to be basted and quilted but finally got this one quilted and finished the binding last night.   It’s a you tube pattern called 3 Dudes Quilt.  I love the overall pattern and even bought 2 or 3 more jelly rolls to make one.   Don’t be surprised if you see me posting more done with this pattern.


Updates To The House

While I was gone my friend Kenetha was gracious enough to deliver some furniture pieces her friend offered me for my sewing room.   Unfortunately their mom passed away and they wanted to find a good home for her quilt room pieces.  I absolutely love them and my son in law was kind enough to get them ready for me.

I decided to put the shelving unit in the living room and had a wall it fit perfectly on.  Needless to say it is also the perfect place to store my overflow fabric.  That’s fabric that doesn’t fit into the fabric cabinet.  Yes I have one of those lol.

I can’t begin to tell you have much I love the huge cutting table.  The drawers are an added bonus where I can store a lot of odds and ends that normally get left laying around.

I may stencil the one in the living room or paint it eventually as it’s very white next to the antique machine cabinets, but maybe not.  I really like it as it is.  I love how nice the tweed baskets look with my grey sofa even though you can’t see it in the picture.





Life Seems to Fly By

I’ve been so busy lately and I don’t think I even know doing what.  I literally work and take care of the house and the dogs.

I did get to add a couple new sewing machines.  Only one was planned on.   Jill, my amazing sister, picked me up a Minnesota A treadle in a parlor cabinet in Ohio right before the Covid 19 quarantine and other a client brought me after his aunt passed away. I’m pretty sure my collection is done unless I find the elusive red machine.  I do have a salmon one you haven’t seen yet as I’m waiting to see if she can be repaired.

This White is simply beautiful and looks like she just came out of the factory.  She had a bit of dust on her and needed a drop or 2 of oil and WOW.  She even has her manual.  I really love that she’s in a smaller cabinet also.

The second pictures are the Minnesota Jill and Mark picked up and stored for me until I came to Ohio. Can’t wait to learn to use a shuttle bobbin.   She is absolutely beautiful.




I Learned Something New

During our month of working at home, I got to play a little more than usual with some of my vintage machines.  I posted about a beautiful New Home I was recently given but it’s been driving me crazy.  I bought a 1/4 in foot for it and I can’t get it lined up.  I had pretty much decided that the needle bar was somehow damaged and/or bent.  I finally put it away and figured I’d give my blue Brother a spa day and sew with it some.   It’s a totally awesome blue machine my amazing brother in law gave me for Christmas 2019.  Who else can say I have a blue sewing machine that came from Coolville.  Yes, that’s a real city in Ohio.

Being the same type of machine, I thought ok I can use the 1/4 foot on this one.  Damn if it doesn’t work either.  If I take off the foot that came with the machine and replace it, the needle hits the new foot.  I finally decided to leave them till I could take them to my repair guy and see what happened.  So 2 weeks later what’s the chance one of the ladies in my online quilt group posted about her “left homed”  machines.  Turns out my machines aren’t damaged, they just work a straight stitch with the needle to the left of center.  I would never have known that.  She lucked out getting a couple of machine feet but even the person selling didn’t know what they were.

What was the luck that right after I found the issue she would post a comment about it on our group.  So while I know I’m not crazy, looks like the quarter inch will be marked with tape.  I’m not holding my breath on finding any left homed feet.

Be blessed.  Vicky

Trying To Catch Up

I have had a terrible issue with gout in my feet and been unable to sew almost the entire month of April and May.  I’ve tried to hold off sewing but there is no way I can not sew at all, so I’ve tried to limit it to just a few minutes a couple of times a week.  Thankfully they seem to be letting up this week so I can sew more.

I was able to do the binding on this one while I was not sewing and it was delivered to one of my daughter’s co-workers.  I think after 4 or 5 more I might have gifted one to all the employees at Planned Pethood.  Pethood, not parenthood.   Everyone seems to read that wrong.   This was my first attempt at octagons and I decided to mix octagon blocks and 4 patch posey blocks together.   I really like how it turned out.  So much so I have another one in the works.  I hope the owner enjoys it.



At home today working my way thru the second dose of new gout meds.  Back to work tomorrow.  My boss was kind enough to say stay home another week or two if you need to so it goes away completely, but I think I’ve got to leave the house soon or become a hermit.

See you all soon.  Hope to keep my blog current but my life isn’t all that exciting.  This should bring you current though.  Be blessed.