2016 And A New Blog

It’s 2016 and so many changes make it time to start a new blog.  Time to step back and reflect not only where life has taken me but where I want to go from here.  2015 found me an amazing new sister I never knew I had, friends that have become my family and the loss of a wonderful friend Kerry Boatwright.

2016 looks to offer even more.  So watch my blog for things that interest me, enrage me or I just find entertaining.   My pups, my jeep, work and life in general will likely be the center of the blog.  Who knows, for most it may be boring but it’s simply for me.  So, take the challenge, put your life on a page.


One thought on “2016 And A New Blog

  1. No matter what u do, it will be amazing! You have a wonderful life with wonderful friends that are your family! How awesome is that ?! You have made decisions for the future and fun things to look forward to! I think 2016 will b filled with a lot of fun! You never turn back, u just keep looking forward! U grow each day, and find yourself living how God made you, and how he wants to use you. Stay amazing and Hot! Your heart is huge! I love that about you. I’m sure it’s easy to get hurt but don’t forget God has given us the Armor of God to protect us. So amazing to have you in our lives! We love you very much !!

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