My Custom Made Shifter

It drives me crazy that the shift knob keeps popping off my jeep, especially when you’re turning a corner and slightly occupied doing other things.  Well, I found a guy that can make custom ones with anything you’d like.  So here is my new shift knob.  I absolutely love it.


Quilt Project 2016 #1

2016 is planned as the year to do some quilts I’ve always wanted to try.  I may not get the techniques just right and I may not get them perfect, but I will be able to say I finally did them.  Paper piecing is one on the list.  I’ve tried once and the pieces were not perfect so I need to learn that a little more.  Applique – not a huge fan but I have all the shop hop rows I got from all over the country so at least one of those quilts needs to get finished.  I want to do a french braid with center blocks and before 2016 is over I will have completed a mariners Compass quilt.  I saw one 20+ years ago and it’s what inspired me to begin quilting.  I thought it would be amazing to make something like that.  20+ years later and I’ve never made one.  So 2016 is new horizons and new techniques and I WILL learn to free motion quilt feathers.  I’m also hoping to teach a few new people how to quilt.

This is the block I’m currently working on just as kind of a fill in project.  Once I quilt a bargello for a friend and make a t-shirt quilt for a customer I will start on projects for 2016.   This is coming out pretty and I’ll probably post if for sale.  Wish you tell from picture the pinwheel is 3-d.


2016 House Project #1

As we all know tax season usually brings on the home improvement projects.  Not that I have a lot of extra time during tax season, but the overtime pays for the bills.      I’ve hated my front steps since I bought the house but planned to have them painted when they painted the house.  For some reason they didn’t paint the steps last summer when they did the house.   I looked into painting them and the options of something that didn’t scrape off were limited.   Last weekend I got to thinking about the back splash wall I did at mom’s house and decided to give it a try.  Here are the before steps.   Ugly – I don’t miss that peach color on my house.     The bottom one is the “work in progress” picture.   Unfortunately it rained all day Sunday so I wasn’t able to grout the steps.   Once I grout everything I will paint the facing of the steps black to match the canopy over the door.   Hope it turns out ok.  Looks a mess now but I haven’t done the clean up and final touches.

in progress

Jeep Dogs

I bought some seat belt attachments for the boys and took them on a jeep ride.  It made me a nervous wreck worrying they would get loose but they loved it.   have to admit people look at you weird to have little dogs in back of jeep.   Argus loves the wind to blow in his face and hey, it’s gets off a lot of loose hair.  the boys