2016 House Project #1

As we all know tax season usually brings on the home improvement projects.  Not that I have a lot of extra time during tax season, but the overtime pays for the bills.      I’ve hated my front steps since I bought the house but planned to have them painted when they painted the house.  For some reason they didn’t paint the steps last summer when they did the house.   I looked into painting them and the options of something that didn’t scrape off were limited.   Last weekend I got to thinking about the back splash wall I did at mom’s house and decided to give it a try.  Here are the before steps.   Ugly – I don’t miss that peach color on my house.     The bottom one is the “work in progress” picture.   Unfortunately it rained all day Sunday so I wasn’t able to grout the steps.   Once I grout everything I will paint the facing of the steps black to match the canopy over the door.   Hope it turns out ok.  Looks a mess now but I haven’t done the clean up and final touches.

in progress


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