Life Changes

You know it’s very rare in life we get along with all your family and ever rarer when you find friends that touch your life just family.  What amazes me is how people can act like friends, say you’re like family to them then you discover you were nothing but a source of revenue.  I ask myself all the time how people use and take advantage of others and sleep at night?  What troubles me is how easily people do it.  Especially so called Christians.

I would never judge anyone’s walk with God as mine is not perfect and never will be. But I wonder, how do you pray over every meal, claim you pray over every decision, study your bible daily, read you devotionals then use people, manipulate them, take advantage of their giving hearts and act like a complete ass when they cut off the money?  Did you pray over the decision to toss them out of your life when the money ended?   Did you seek God’s guidance on how to take advantage of them, run up bills you can’t pay and leave them responsible for paying them?  Doesn’t God lay some unease on your heart when once the gravy train is gone you can suddenly afford to rent a house, eat out nightly, etc?    Once you take a step back from these types of people and start thinking about the comments they have made and others have made about them, you begin to realize what a complete fool you were.  You start to see they have not only lived their lives behaving this way but they have taught their children the same lifestyle.  I guess the old adage the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, is true.

How do you move into someone’s home agreeing to split expenses, live there 5 months and pay almost nothing claiming you just have no money when the bills come in then be hurt when they say they can’t afford to pay your share anymore?  How do you turn that around and blame that person, tell them you need to separate yourself from them, they ripped apart your friendship, etc. because they couldn’t pay your share anymore and you left them in debt?

I want to not be bitter, not wish bad things on them as that’s not how God tells us to live but you have to work hard at that. My mind says call the next person they conned and tell them what they’ve done but I guess that’s none of my business.   It’s one more relationship they will ruin and blame the one helping them.  I guess you have to accept an apology that was never given.   The good thing is it brings out the people that really are your family to support you.




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