Ranting on Honda

I have loved my little Cr-Z and am trying to keep that loving feeling but I don’t think it’s going to stay with me.   I rarely watch the regular TV and never the news so 2 weeks ago was the first I heard about recall of Honda airbags and only because I got a notice from Honda.   The notice says contact local dealer immediately.  Since that notice I have contact 3 local dealers and been told by all 3 that it was just an initial notice alerting me of the issue and I would get a follow up when they have parts to repair.  Maybe June or July.  I went back and read the notice and no where does it say that, it says contact dealer for repair.  So I googled it and Honda has known about the problem for a few years yet it’s the first I’ve heard and I bought my car 2 years ago.  Does that mean they knew it was dangerous when they initially installed it?  Are the notices saying call for repairs so they aren’t to blame when one explodes?  I wondered, but now I am sure.

This morning I hear there was another Honda airbag death yesterday.  Honda’s response according to Good Morning America was they issued recall notices but the repairs were never made.  So it’s the owners fault?  Not once in a news story I could find did it mention Honda issued the recall but is not repairing the cars.  Never will I buy a Honda again.

What I did learn asking an attorney about Honda not repairing it was interesting.  I’ve been made aware of the faulty air bag so if I loan someone my car and they are killed by the air bag, they can now sue me along with Honda since I knew of the issue and loaned them my car.  What?



One thought on “Ranting on Honda

  1. I think I’d seriously put the pressure on the dealership. Note to the manager how long this has been known. And that it’s their responsibility to fix it NOW. parts can be ordered and made. Total craziness. Lying. I despise lies.


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