Well no matter how I try I either get to the gym too late or too early.  When you’re in a small town it might not be a good idea to join the Y.  Tried for the 5th time and can’t even get a parking place going before 7:30.  Talked to my RA doc and it’s a weight bench and weights and I can do almost everything he taught me at home.   Now to get that bench, weights and a scale.   Also gives me time to finally teach the pups to walk on a leash.  I realized since I’ve owned them it’s been our busiest season.   They need some outside the yard time.


One thought on “YMCA vs. HOME

  1. You go Vicky! So glad u have the pups to give u all the love u give them x3!!!! I think it’s about giving yourself the priority it needs! You can’t keep moving if u don’t gave an action plan. That’s what mark and I r trying to do more of. To set goals. Health goals, finically goals, weight goals, dream goals,…..Then make a plan to achieve them. It’s so hard to not dream of moving as an answer, but so much has to happen first, before something so exciting. I find the day-to-day commitments hardest. To do what I said I was going to do, even when it helps myself, when I’m already dead tired , or feel too sick to, feels like a chore. Sometimes I just make myself do even the tiniest thing BEFORE all other stuff, so even if I couldn’t do everything, I did something. You r strong Vicky! I know you could do anything u put your mind to. Work that hotness all over the place!!!!!!!


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