I cannot believe how relaxing it was to go spend time with family and not have a schedule we had to follow.  Just chilling and doing something if we felt like it.   The drive home was brutal.  I decided not to stop over and now I realize exactly how long 15 hours is.  3 stops for potty and gas and I was home.  Tired but excited to see my pups and family.

While I was gone Robert put up my screened umbrella so the cats don’t tear up the hot tub cover and mosquito’s don’t eat you alive if you sit outside.  Soon as I went outside to look at it was shocked to see that my friend Tony and his son built me a deck outside the back door.  It looks awesome and really makes the backyard a lot more user friendly.

He even used the leftover to build a table/bench and added bamboo fence across the front to match the rest of my fence.




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