Wow that took a while

Starting in June, I am working to see how many quilts I can finish without buying fabrics.  My goal is also to push myself to learn new techniques and forge ahead into more difficult quilts along with finishing planned or started projects.

So, this past weekend I just grabbed the first project that was in my started/planned closet.  It’s a blooming nine patch that I started years ago.   I made the pieced blocks a few years ago and packed it away as I realized it was sewn in diagonal rows and I struggle with keeping those organized and the end triangles turned in the right direction.   Not to mention, it had to all be laid out at once before you could sew the rows.  So I pulled it out, cut my 150+ solid squares and started laying it out.  First I spent a half hour or so laying it out on the bed to find it wasn’t a large enough space.  I moved it to the floor and it took over 2 hours as I had to move it twice to fit in the area I had to work with.  Next I sewed both the corners of the quilt and I am pleased to say I only had to unsew 3 of the end pieces because I turned them the wrong way.

I took a break to make dinner and failed to close the door so of course Merlin found the pieces and rolled around in them before I found him.  Shannon was kind enough to crawl around on the floor with me and it took us 45 minutes to rearrange the rows.   I stayed up till after midnight Sunday piecing the final rows as I was not going to lay them out again.  Still needs borders then to be quilted but here’s my progress so far.


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