Isn’t She Beautiful

Hope she doesn’t get mad I added her picture to my blog.  This is my sister Jill.  She’s even more beautiful on the inside as she is on the out.    She just amazes me with her strength and attitude towards life.  She’s like the person I wanna be when I grow up.



One thought on “Isn’t She Beautiful

  1. Vicky when I met u I thought ….WOW WOW WOW!!!!! that’s who I want to aspire to be. You are so full of love,compassion, TOTAL SELFLESSNESS, outrageous humor, the smarts , well,….everything someone would want to be. You inspire me!!!!! U r who I want to be without even trying. You are perfect!!!!! You love our wonderous God and u live every moment to its fullest. You are so beautiful Vicky !!!!! You arent just a hot sexy babr on the outside but u r a raging beauty on the inside. I love u so much!!!!! U make my life so full and I’m so blessed to have found you!!!!!!!! I can’t wait to meet the Florida crew. Rock your hotness babe!!! Rock it!!!!


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