It’s July Already

Seems like all I post about is family, my pups, quilting and my jeep but here I go again.  Those are the things important in my life, so I post about them.  Maybe most would think my life boring but I’ve had a lot of excitement in the first 50 years so maybe the last 10 or 15 will be quiet.   Here’s a new picture of my little “emo” dog Merlin.  He needs so much love and attention.  Unlike the other 2 he’d be content to sit on your lap and love you all day.  When he gets his feelings hurt he hides in the closet.  Sometimes I feel like I should give him to a little old man who would sit and love on him all day.



One thought on “It’s July Already

  1. Maybe he could be your office assistant. Really, maybe he could stay with u at work. It would give u happiness as well as him,


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