Days you wanna pull your hair out

It’s one of those weeks.  After dealing with the furniture people since June over ink the pups got on my sofa, they were to send me new cushions or come recover the whole piece since I have a stain warranty.  Today they decided to just give me credit for the purchase price for a replacement sofa.   But. . . .. they no longer sell that one and don’t have any other style in the same sage green.  Hello I just bought it in April.   It took me over a year to decide on that sofa and I have the matching oversized chair.  I can’t have a beige or brown sofa and a sage green chair.  I hate looking like I have flea market unmatched furniture after spending so much money.

Then comes the tablet saga.  My Surface Pro 2 table quit while under warranty so I shipped back and they sent a refurbished one.  Got it yesterday and power cord is defective.  Called back and they have no more so I’d have to pay another $110 to upgrade to the Pro 3.  Instead he gave me the new Dell convertible touchscreen tablet for the same price.  Problem is I have the cover and virtual keyboard for the Surface Pro so now my virtual keyboard is unnecessary and my cover and case don’t fit.

Getting something replaced is not always better than what you already have.



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