I’m going to rant about being called a bigot

I’m so mad I had to add this on my blog whether it’s ever read or not.   Friday I was told I was a bigot because I said the phrase white privledge was racist.  Well it plain is.  I don’t care what color you’re talking about but defining someone or saying they got something because they are white is no different than saying they got it or deserve it because they are black.  I won’t be told I got where I am in life because I’m white.  I got where I am because I worked my ass off.

With a child at 17 and a 10th grade education I could have sat on my ass and taken a welfare check but I didn’t.   I was married for 8 years and worked all those years so we had the income to raise our child.  Did she need more than we were able to give her, probably.  Would she have been happier had we been able to afford more, probably.  But we did what we could without asking someone to pay for a child we choose to have.

When I got divorced at 26 I didn’t call the government and ask what programs I could get and where I could get money or free rent because I chose to have a child.  I did what everyone needs to do.  I got a job.  Then I got another one.  I worked 2 jobs and went back to night school and got a diploma.  Yeah it took me till I was 30 to get it.  Life isn’t easy and it was never meant to be a free ride.  I kept working 2 jobs and after 2 years of night classes got a degree as a certified vet tech and for the first time in my life I was able to work 1 job.   But I kept working on educating myself.  I went to admin seminars, working in a team seminars, classes in microsoft programs, quickbooks, etc. and eventually got a job for a tax and investment firm.  Again I still kept educating myself and 2 years ago earned a degree as a paralegal.   Sure it took a year or so but I did it as I could afford.  Never have I asked the government to feed my child or pay what it costs to raise her.  I lived on what I earned and $100 month in child support.

So, to be told I have what I have and am where I am because of white privledge is plain bullshit and damn insulting.   I got where I am and have what I have with family support and hard work.   This country needs to start looking at people just as people and not care what color they are.  To say someone deserves something because they are black is racist itself.  It tells people that someone black doesn’t have enough brains, determination, education, etc to earn it themselves.  I know the black men and women in our country fought and lost so many battles in the 50’s and 60’s to be given equal rights and they kept on fighting.  I also know a lot of whites that fought that battle right alongside of them but never felt what it was like to be treated as less based on your color.  The physical and emotional abuse was horrendous and our country should be ashamed of that heritage.  I watch our government right now and listen to the speeches and comments that are driving that wedge of color right back into America.  I have black neighbors and black friends and I guess I never look at what they do or have based on their color.   What if everyone in the country had to spend a year never referring to someone’s color?   Our government needs to work on promoting equality among races, sexual preference, etc. without using hate against white people to achieve it.   Hate is hate regardless of who it’s aimed at.


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