Isn’t She Fabulous

I found this on her facebook page and hope she won’t kill me for reposting.  Isn’t my sister just beautiful.   I wish I was so live loving and carefree as she is.   I’m much to boring.

jilly 2


One thought on “Isn’t She Fabulous

  1. Ok dear sister,…..first, I’d never ever ever ever b upset about anything u did/do. I love u!!!!!! You are so incredibly amazing!!!!!!! U blow my mind !!!!!!!!!! I can’t believe you are MY sister,…you ARE TOTALLY THE AMAZING ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!u r the best story teller around, u have the coolest personality ever, your heart is bigger than every ounce of your entire body and u r mad talented!!!!! Selfless to a fault,….as I told my mom today, ” Vicky s the kind of person who would give u her last pair of underwear !” You are the the whole other end of boring,….u r a blast, u make everyone laugh with tears rolling down their legs, and u r 100% REAL! We r so blessed to have u in our lives and we know u r an answer to our prayer. I don’t just have a sister,…I have the sister everyone wishes they had!!!!!! Not to mention u r sexy beyond belief!!!!!!! U r my role model!!!!!! We ALL love you very much and we r so excited to meet your pose!!!!!!!! Love u hot cakes!!!!!!!!


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