Baby Dog Rules

I have been so lucky with baby Lothar.  I love Merlin and Argus but they are both stubborn and trying to teach Argus something is like knocking on wood.   Baby Lothar watches them sit so I never had to teach him.  When I say sit he just knows to sit.  I’ve had dog training bells on front door since Merlin and Argus were little but they would never ring to go out.  When Lothar was tiny I’d tell him ring the bell and he’d look at me like I was nuts so I just kinda forgot about them. Argus will stand by the dog and if you don’t notice him potties on the floor when he can’t wait any longer.   Friday Baby Lothar just went over, rang the bells and sat down and waited for someone to come.   I was so excited but I created a monster.  He is not your typical pomeranian.  He loves being in the yard, playing in the grass and digging up plants.  So now every 10-15 minutes he rings the bell and waits for someone to let him out.  He loves being in the yard rain or shine.




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