It’s Been A Long Time

Wow I opened my blog and was shocked how long it has been since I have updated things.   With everything that has happened I feel like it is was a life time ago.  Life has certainly taken some strange twists lately but God has straightened out the kinks along the way and we will be better for it.

December 17 Shannon had emergency for a cyst but she wouldn’t let me take pictures.  We can thankfully say that not only did she come thru with flying colors but the doctor was kind enough to her that she even scheduled follow ups for annual visits and tests.  That itself was a miracle and God knows how thankful I am.

2 days later Robert (Shannon’s husband) had a massive heart attack and barely survived.  The doctors lost him twice for 10 minutes, they put 3 stents in and told us there was the possibility of brain damage, physical limitations, etc. A week later we left the hospital  with almost no lasting effects.   While there is a long road to recovery, God gave him a second chance at life.   Just found out today he can look for work.  Assholes he worked for fired him while he was out recovering from surgery.




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