Blooming 9 Patch

So hard to believe I keep falling behind updating my blog.  Seems like days drag on then you realize it’s been weeks and it seems they flew by.   I finally, after 3 or 4 years, finished this quilt (Blooming Nine Patch).  It was a struggle to get myself to finish it as somewhere along the way I quit liking it.   It was taking so long with all those 3.5 in squares, there was no where to lay it out to get the pattern right.  But, once I finished it I sent to live with Jill’s mom.  I heard they loved it so maybe it was never meant to be mine.  I’m glad it’s loved.

9 patch


One thought on “Blooming 9 Patch

  1. Mom & dad said that would be the comforter for ever! They’ve been looking for the perfect one,…and they were speechless !!!!!!!!!


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