Getting Excited to See My Sister

I can’t wait.  In about 22 more days I will get to see my awesome sister and her amazing hubby.   So excited.  8 days to hang out, commune with nature and visit with each other.

We decided this year to meet half way and found what looks to be an amazing cabin in Blue Ridge GA.  Turns out almost exactly 8 hours for each of us.  Jill and I are spending Monday at the spa while Mark visits the local music shops.  With him being an avid guitar player maybe she better take the credit card with us.   After that Mark wants to pop over to Alabama one day and who knows what else.

Just can’t wait to spend some time with them.  Just found them a few years ago thru a lot of research by Jill.   I should say they found me and it was certainly a blessing to my life.   I always wondered why I couldn’t just have normal family where people cared about each other and now I have that.

I hope they can still fit in a trip to Florida this year.  Had to leave early last year because of that dang hurricane. Love those 2 so much.


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