Great Dinner and Company

It’s rare I can sit and not talk.  My doctor calls it social anxiety and there are not many people I find it comfortable to just sit around and do nothing with.  Jill and Mark are a really huge exception to that rule.    Most of the week if not going somewhere we sat around, watched tv, read, etc. and I never felt I had to keep up a conversation to be comfortable around them.   While we went several places, we didn’t plan much in advance and didn’t really feel the need to hurry and get stuff done.    Jill and I even went out one night and got some awesome tacos from local mexican joint and they were great. Forgot to take pics at the bbq place.   The steak dinner we cooked ourselves in the rain.  If you live in the hurricane capital of the world it takes more than a little rain and lightning to stop you from grilling.  This was probably the most relaxing vacation I think I’ve taken.  I love these 2.


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