New Product Review – Toilet Paper

Toilet paper – like tampons no one wants to talk about it.

So, being a life long user of Charmin, I’ve never really thought about changing.  I also have always wondered about the massive TV advertisements for household items.  Does anyone ever really pick a brand based on commercials?  I mean really, bears use it so you should too?

About a month ago I was in the store and the clerk was stocking Cottonell and I thought about the clean enough to go commando commercial so figured what they heck, I’ll try it.  I’m perfectly happy with Charmin but why not, it was cheaper.  So after giving it a full month of use, I can honestly say . . . . . I really do prefer Conttonell.   I can’t say why since I was happy with Charmin, but I like it better.  It feels like a good product and is a better value.  I felt clean and that is the function of toilet paper.

So there you have my monthly product review.  Don’t get me started on those Scott and other terrible brand.  I have no desire to wipe my backside with recycled sandpaper.


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