Firehouse No 4 – Finished

Oh I will be so happy and feel I accomplished an amazing thing when that headline says number 31 done.   But till then I plod along.   Robert has helped piece one and sewn 2 backings for me but the anticipated help from the ladies that contacted me before I began, never materialized.  No worries though, it will just take longer to complete than I anticipated.    But that’s ok cause it is turning out to be much more costly than I originally planned as well.   If I sew slower I can spread out the costs as well.

After this one I have 2 more ready for binding then I need to baste and quilt some more.   I think there are 17 left to plan, cut and piece and 5 more cut up and ready to piece.  Here is number 4 in all it’s completed glory.   These is one of the pieced backs Robert made for me.  The leftovers weren’t large enough to back one but at $10 yard it helps to cut them up and use the leftovers.  I really like the idea and will do some more like this.


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