Shiloh Baptist Church

Wow what an awesome worship service yesterday.  Not only did we have the choir from Lighthouse Ministries who gave their testimony  on how God made changes in their lives but we heard a personal testimony from Pastor Joe’s son.  If ever there was a young man that God snatched up and said get with the program, it was certainly him and thankfully he listened.    As christians we all believe that God changes lives and speaks to people but when you see a young man that was angry, hurting and lost standing there telling you God pulled him thru, it makes it all worth while.   I will keep him in my prayers that he stays focused on God and keeps the faith as he finishes up the things he needs to do and can then begin to get his life on course again.

I’ve only been there 5 weeks or so but he’s an amazing pastor and even more so when you listen to the walk him family has walked and kept the faith.   That’s a God thing for sure.


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