So Different

It’s so funny to watch their different personalities develop.  Poor Merlin is such an emotional thing.   He wants someone to sit and hold him 24/7.   He would be so happy living with a little old man or woman and just sitting on their lap all day but I’d never give him up.    He’s developing an issue with baby dog cause baby dog horns in and wants attention also.   Now he just howls when you leave but I’m hoping this too passes.  You should see his face when the cat gets in the chair with him.  He’s so afraid to move he crams himself into the arm as much as possible.

Then there is baby dog.  He is just a lover.  He wants to be with you no matter where you go.  If you take a shower he’ll wait on the floor next to the tub.  If you cook he’s lay right in front of the stove.  No matter where you go in the house baby dog goes with you.  Any time I hand bind a quilt, he has to have him some blankie time.


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