I can’t believe I’ve been away from my blog so long.  I need to make more time to post but then again it’s just in case that when I’m gone someone might wanna know what I did in life, so I guess it doesn’t matter when i post.

I haven’t really been in the mood to sew lately cause I have this baby quilt looming that I really don’t want to make.  First it’s for the granddaughter of partner at my office that is just not nice to me, and second I just can’t wrap my head around one I like so I decided to start pulling fabrics and cutting them into quilt kits for later use.

I rarely like to just sit and watch TV but I turn it on for the pups.  Makes noise so they don’t bark at so much outside and I sit in my sewing room and cut.  Shame is I think I have 15 plus cut and the cabinet is still so full I can’t fit the scraps.   Now to get busy making quilts.  2018 is no promised quilts and just make what I like.




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