I’m sorry I laughed

Well hopefully the Hartshorn’s come back to the B&B in Zephyrhills.   I had them a lovely room picked out and finally a bed that didn’t leave Jill’s back aching then the bed frame broke and they had to spent the last night on an air mattress in the living room. Well had to is wrong.  I offered them my room and they refused.  I felt so bad.

But we did have a few laughs while they were here.  One of the ladies in the quilt group wanted to come join us for vacation and changed her mind last minute so we invented a virtual Mary and gave her a virtual vacation.  We took her everywhere then posted her travels on facebook for the real Mary to follow along.   Here’s Jill meeting Mary for for the first time and Mark having a glass of wine with her at The Melting pot.   I can’t imagine what the waiter thought.


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