Amazing Vacation

Not only did I get to see Jill and Mark again but I convinced Shannon and Robert to come along.   We had such a great time.  Jill and Mark came up with some great places to visit.  We spent one day visiting a safari like place where the animals are left to live in their natural habitat rather than in cages.  The next day we went and visited the famous Trans Alagheny Lunatic Asylum.   Wow not only was it really amazing to see how ornate and well built those places were, but to hear the history and things like how simple it was to have someone committed was great.

We got to meet Jill’s mom and dad. What a wonderful couple and so sweet.   I need to make him a pirate quilt.  Our last day we got to visit Aunt Bonnie and hubby Jack in Hurricane WV.  They are just the sweetest couple you’d ever meet.  Even got to deliver her the Blenko glass fish I found in Georgia.    But as always, the highlight of our trip was getting to spend time with Jill and Mark.  Shannon and Robert even found me a little antique iron in a local shop in Ohio.



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